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Good morning traders and May the fourth be with you. I recorded the morning briefing offline this morning and the video is posted below. I have shared two ideas from the 20-minute chart, the screenshots are posted here on the ideas page

The ideas are based on the action centre reaction line sets (ACR line set), we also explored the rhythm of the swings and forecasting potential target zones for trades. If you want to find out more about these tools and how to use them, then make sure you join our free telegram channel here https://t.me/DaxTraderChannel or feel free to send me a message on telegram here https://t.me/DaxTrader or use my @daxtrader username. The video will also run through yesterday’s session and highlight an interesting collection of price action. 

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A quick look around the news stories and we hear: NFP is today. ECB’s Constancio says that Eurozone is wasting benefits of currency union. Dollar weakening after FOMC where Fed leaves rates unchanged. Eurozone April preliminary CPI figures, 1.2% vs 1.3% expected, but i’m not looking too heavily into the inflation dip. Eurozone March PPI figures, 2.1% vs 2.1% expected. Bitcoin is back! Keep up to date with the economic releases and expectations here: economic calendar

04-05-2018 Dax Video

04-05-2018 Dax Key Levels

POC * 12736
Value Area High * 12783
Value Area Low * 12725
14 Day ATR 149.51
200 EMA 12530
50 EMA 12458
Daily R2 12878
Daily R1 12813
Daily Pivot 12743
Daily S1 12678
Daily S2 12608
*These are FXCM numbers, not futures numbers. Please be aware that FXCM can often be 5-10 points higher than futures prices

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