06-08-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

06-08-2018 Dax

Hello traders. It’s my birthday on Wednesday, so this is fair warning that I will not be working on that day and will possibly be sluggish on Thursday. Hopefully, the weather stays warm because the plan is for a beach BBQ in the afternoon/evening, bit of a swim, volleyball, rock climbing (there is a beach boulder to climb), few beers, tennis, football, frisbee, should be fun.

This is the time of year where many traders, investors and institutional guys go on holiday. These conditions can create a bit of a liquidity drain which makes the market ‘jumpy’ during releases. With this in mind, traders should probably be prepared for some major fluctuations this week. A flood of quarterly figures are due out with almost a third of Dax’s companies publishing business figures this week. and new trends in the trade conflict are also eagerly awaited. 

“The current reporting season of the companies and the resurgent trade conflict offers enough potential for an exciting August.”

Comments from Weberbank analyst Jan Nießen. Experts also fear some negative surprises as the reporting season sometimes shows that it no longer runs smoothly in all sectors. 

06-08-2018 Dax Charts





06-08-2018 Dax Key Levels

POC * 12595
VWAP 12595
Value Area High 12615
Value Area Low 12578
IB High 12640
IB Low 12607
R2 12700
S2 12522
Pivot 12611
Camarilla Breakout (Bull) 12686
Camarilla Breakout (Bear) 12588

06-08-2018 Dax Video