ECB rate decision and press conference today! Keep an eye out for that.

The DAX opens up with a gap lower today and trades the asian session underneath the low of yesterday. The most obvious downside target in the short-term, for futures traders, would be the exposed point of control at 11473 from the end of February. You can see it in the images.

Key Levels

Point of Control :  11588 11585
Value Area High :  11597 11600
Value Area Low :  11571 11572
VWAP :  11592 11592
R2 :  11689 11688
S2 :  11503 11502
Pivot :  11596 11595
Previous High : 11656 11653
Previous Low : 11563 11560

Dax Charts

The 11091-11239 zone is the 2019 composite high volume zone.

A perhaps ‘gloomy’ outlook suggested in this chart using an action-reaction line-set. Breaking through the centre could be interesting:

Continued downside pressure on the DAX (futures) opens up a path to that exposed POC from late February (around 472):