Morning traders, we have a situation on the German DAX where the 13,550 is providing supply. We failed to break it on Friday a couple of times and this morning, during the Asian session, we failed again. It remains to be seen just how long that will be a resistance zone.

DAX Outlook

The DAX remains bullish, despite struggling with this 13,550 resistance zone. We are close to the DAX all-time high and with the US indices already breaking theirs, you’d imagine the DAX will catch up. Watch the webinar video recording from this morning (below) for more DAX technical analysis

This week watch out of the UK GDP estimate to provide clues for whether the Bank of England will cut rates. That will have an impact on some of our Forex Trading Signals this week.

13-01-2020 60 minute chart

DAX Key Levels

Point of Control13519
Value Area High13535
Value Area Low13494
13-01-2020 DAX Key Levels

DAX Webinar Video