Good morning traders. We had a nice result on the DAX trading strategy yesterday, sending a signal into the channel to sell:

DaxTrader Index Signals, [13.01.20 10:05]
Type: SELL
Symbol: GER30
Price: 13488.21
Stop: 13510.00
Target: 13401.05
Time: 11:05
ID: 21737912
DTI Sell

I closed the signal a little earlier than target (see the video below for reasons why), but it was a nice winner all the same. Just remember that this trading strategy is not only for the German DAX. This trading strategy can be used on any chart you like. I find it works well on FTSE, S&P500 and DOW too. Learn more about how to use the trading strategy.

As for forex trades, I sent out seven yesterday and already four this morning, so that will keep you busy. Find out more about trading signals membership.

DaxTrader Index Signals, [13.01.20 14:36]
ID: 21737912
Symbol: GER30
Return: 3.38%
Type: SELL
Open price: 13488.21
Closed at price: 13414.47

DAX Key Levels

Point of Control13433
Value Area High13479
Value Area Low13410

DAX Technical Analysis Video