The positive mood on the stock market continues. The Dax starts up, and oil prices continue to recover. Encouraging study results for a coronavirus vaccine and further multi-billion dollar economic stimulus in Europe are raising the mood among Dax traders. Hopium is returning to the markets because hope for a vaccine is followed by hope that the economy will soon return to normal. The move by Germany and France for a 500 billion euro EU reconstruction fund was also viewed positively. “Money printer go brrr”.

Watch out for the ZEW index, which reflects the mood of German stock market professionals. Experts forecast an increase to 32 points from 28.2 points in the previous month. And watch out for the Jerome Powell hearing as it will provide information on further economic stimulus.

So Many Opportunities Yesterday

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Important DAX Levels

Taking a look at the key levels to watch today, watch out for the previous session Point of Control (POC) at 10485. Today’s initial balance is between 10678 and 10747, so watch for a momentum break of either of those two levels. The value area high is currently 10504 and the value area low is currently 10426.Here are some more levels to watch out for:

  • The 5 EMA (Daily): 10633
  • The 8 EMA (Daily): 10641
  • The 50 EMA (Daily): 10750
  • The 200 EMA (Daily): 11745

DAX Technical Indicators

StochasticK: 66 and D: 44
Point of Control (POC)10485
Value Area High (VAH)10504
Value Area Low (VAL)10426
The DAX Pivot10482
The DAX R210659
The DAX S210305