20-11-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

20-11-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

Good morning traders, welcome to the 20-11-2018 Dax Technical Analysis. 

Daily Chart

Studying yesterday’s price action, we can see it closed at the lowest point since late October. This morning we have already broken that low. We are already at a November and we would need to now take out 11,049 break October low. Price currently trades at 11,177.

The current DAX price is now over 500 points below the November high.

Hourly Chart

The hourly chart clearly shows how we have broken below the range support.

We have completed three lower highs and three lower lows, which is clearly a trend in the short term. And the short term trend defining level is 11,418.

Volume Profile

Yesterday we spent the majority of the morning inside the value area of Friday. We tested both the value area high and value area low, Before breaking below to test the Friday low. I found it interesting how the price action tested the value area low from underneath before breaking to new lows.

Today the profile is unusual in shape. We have the point of control at the bottom of the value area. However, we also have a high volume zone at the top of the value area. This leaves behind a large low volume zone either side of the daily pivot. This will raise some interesting questions if price manages to break above 11,250. If we managed to break through this high volume level, and out the other side, there is a good chance we will continue through that low volume area up towards 11330 again.

Alternatively, if we stay below the point of control today, Then it is likely we will go down to test the 11,150 control from the end of October. This is still exposed and exposed POCs are magnets for price action.

Dax Trading Signals

Regarding trading I now share two types of trades. I share my regular morning trades as signals and I share my intra-day trades from one of our day-trading strategies.

My regular morning trades have been recorded since October last year and have returned growth of 263%.

I only started recording my intertrait yesterday, but will continue to do this. Yesterday we returned over at 5%.

Full details of both sets of results can be found on the this page:

Our Trading History

20-11-2018 Key Levels

Point of Control :  11228 7044 25385 3151
Value Area High :  11334 7070 25501 3186
Value Area Low :  11194 6995 25020 3146
VWAP :  11285 7018 25174 3172
R2 :  11500 7114 25733 3228
S2 :  11047 6912 24545 3107
Pivot :  11274 7013 25139 3168
Camarilla Breakout (Bull) 11335 7051 25331 3185
Camarilla Breakout (Bear) 11086 6940 24678 3118


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