Good morning traders, it’s Thursday the 21st of May and time for today’s German DAX 30 analysis.

DAX 30 Review From Last Session

During the last session, we saw the DAX 30 hit a session high of 11250 and a session low of 10977 giving us a range of 273 points compared to the average daily range of 259. At the close of play yesterday, we closed at 11210 which was 519 points below the 200EMA and 410 points above the 50EMA.

DAX Key Levels

Taking a look at the key levels to watch today, watch out for the previous session Point of Control (POC) at 11197. Today’s initial balance is between 11071 and 11139, so watch for a momentum break of either of those two levels. The value area high is currently 11250 and the value area low is currently 11098.Here are some more levels to watch out for:

  • The 5 EMA (Daily): 10996
  • The 8 EMA (Daily): 10918
  • The 50 EMA (Daily): 10800
  • The 200 EMA (Daily): 11729
21-05-2020 DAX Analyis Levels

DAX Technical Indicators

StochasticK: 85 and D: 85
Point of Control (POC)11197
Value Area High (VAH)11250
Value Area Low (VAL)11098
The DAX Pivot11146
The DAX R211419
The DAX S210873

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21-05-2020 DAX Analyis Trades
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