The run of consecutive higher highs on the daily chart seems to be coming to an end. This morning the gap lower, below to low from yesterday and has since struggled to break above that low. Yesterday, in the video, we looked at how often this run of consecutive high highs happens and the answer was: not very often; so we can forgive a retracement.

Today, in the video, we look at both cases; we look at targets to the downside and targets if we break higher. We also examine some of the long-standing line sets from the 60m and daily chart. Remember to like video and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you enjoy the content.

POC :  11498.5
VAH :  11519.5
VAL :  11487.0
VWAP :  11506.5
R2 :  11573.1
S2 :  11413.4
Pivot :  11493.2
High : 11544.9
Low : 11465.1

Dax Charts

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