Morning traders. It’s the end of the month already and the end of the week too, so it would be fitting to see a close of the gap from Monday. Perhaps after the gap close, there will be some balance around 11,150, therefore I suspect that shorts will be popular today.

Will we take out the previous lows and test 11k? I personally think that’s unlikely today, but I have been wrong before.

Exciting News For The Intraday Strategy

I have now made the intraday strategy available for Sierra Charts users!

All you need to do is:

  • Have sierra charts installed (get a 14-day trial here:
  • Send me a message on Telegram Messenger using my username here: @daxtrader
  • Provide me your Sierra Charts username so I can authorise your account
  • Once I’ve authorised you, restart your Sierra Charts
  • Add the study by clicking Analysis >> Studies >> Add Custom Study
  • Select “DaxTrader_DTI”
  • There it is!

Full members will have constant access to this strategy, but anyone else is welcome to a trial. Enjoy.

Learn more about the strategy here:

Will The LMLH Hold?

I would like to see the way the lower median line parallel (LMLH) holds on the daily fork below. If it’s taken out, perhaps this is an example of Hagopian’s rule, as we’ve missed the median line.

Has DAX 30 Support Broken?

Yes it has. Well, it’s certainly been pierced and tested heavily right now. The current hourly candle (at the time of writing) is significantly above the average true range, wider than the majority of visible candles, and has clearly taken out the recent lows. We will know more once we get closer to that gap. 

Targets to the downside are the gap close, or another option is 11,150, beyond that is a bonus for shorts.

DAX 30 Blasts Through Yesterday’s Value Area Low

We opened up inside the value area this morning, before accelerating through the Point of Control and the Value Area Low. We did not test the Value Area High this morning and we have not even tested the Value Area Low from the underside. It’s a very bearish start with no sign of respite just yet.

Other shorting options are 11,300 – which would represent a test of yesterday’s value area from the underside.

Key Levels

Point of Control :  11314 7047 25313 3182
Value Area High :  11353 7063 25337 3188
Value Area Low :  11297 7042 25271 3174
VWAP :  11333 7052 25304 3182
R2 :  11464 7111 25627 3215
S2 :  11207 6984 25073 3153
Pivot :  11335 7048 25350 3184
Camarilla Breakout (Bull) 11399 7081 25508 3200
Camarilla Breakout (Bear) 11258 7011 25203 3166