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Fresh technical analysis content every day covering the German DAX. Keep up to date with all the DAX key levels and technical zones. Find out whether the market is bullish or bearish and whether we have any momentum to trade using our DAX trading strategy. Read our charts and also get a better feel for how to trade the German DAX.

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Good morning traders, it's Monday the 10th of August and time for today's 10-8-2020 German DAX 30 analysis. The corona crisis almost brought the global mergers & acquisitions business to a...

Good News From Deutsche Bank

Good News From Deutsche Bank

Germany's largest money house has [so far] come through the corona crisis better than most people expected, which will please investors. The share rises by nearly 2 percent, making it one of the...

28-07-2020 DAX 30 Analysis

28-07-2020 DAX 30 Analysis

Good morning traders, it's Tuesday the 28th of July and time for today's 28-7-2020 German DAX 30 analysis. The money printer is in full flow in the US with another round of money drops scheduled....

27-07-2020 DAX 30 Analysis

27-07-2020 DAX 30 Analysis

The German IFO index is undergoing a strong rebound from the lows in April but remained below pre-corona crisis levels in June. Today's numbers will likely confirm whether the German recovery has...



Good morning traders, it's Friday the 24th of July and time for today's 24-7-2020 German DAX 30 analysis. It looks like the DAX is turning bearish and challenging its bullish...



With Tuesday's EU agreement and virus numbers being generally under control, Europe seems less of a problem for traders. Which is great for the DAX, perhaps we can see another rally after some...

How Do I Trade DAX?

DAX Trading Strategy

Want to learn to trade the DAX better? All you need to trade the DAX is a good strategy combined with a solid trading plan and consistent methods. Don’t let emotions ruin your profits. If you want to learn how to use the techniques that I use for trading, then spend some time as a member and you will learn it.

Forex Signals

Forex trading is a great way to supplement your trading with additional opportunities. Sometimes when the DAX is quiet and you don’t see many opportunities, the forex market can provide us with another option.

I typically open around 7 forex trades a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less and I trade all the major and minor pairs.

The key to trading forex signals successfully is to use good trade management. That means collapsing the risk on the trade after reaching a certain amount of profit, allowing your trade to run risk-free. Find out more about forex trading signals below.


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DAX Trading Signals

I send out daily trading signals for the German DAX, FTSE and Forex. I also share my DAX trading strategy, which will help you generate your own trading signals and trade the way I do. The DAX trading signals normally arrive by 9am into the members-only channel on Telegram. Click below if you want to learn more about DAX signals.

Learn Technical Analysis

If you are new to DAX analysis, or technical analysis in general, then some of the terminologies in the daily articles may not make a lot of sense. You may not be familiar with the technique or principles that I use, so please use the free technical analysis resources available on the site to help you learn how to trade the German DAX.

101 Technical Analysis Introduction

There are two different ways that traders study the market. We refer to these two methods as Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. In this very short technical analysis introduction article, I want to help you understand the differences. So this article is a basic lesson for people who are brand new to trading. Traders with experience can perhaps skip this article as it’s likely that you are already familiar with the difference.

Fundamental Analysis Introduction

Technical Analysis Introduction - Fundamental Fundamental analysis is a term used around forums and chat rooms. It’s generally referred to as a ‘catalyst’ or a ‘trigger’ for a move. But what is it? Traders who use fundamental analysis, will often use and look at many sources of information. For example, they might study the economy, the company finances for each component of the German Dax, EU interest rates, EU and German government policy and political changes such as the election. They might spend more time watching the economic calendar for high profile releases such as the Markit PMI, or Inflation numbers, or manufacturing orders, unemployment numbers etc. The trader will use this information to paint a picture and from this picture they can begin to forecast where they believe price is going to move. A trader using fundamental analysis does not only focus on the price. Hint: The ZEW index can often be a very useful release to watch. When the released numbers are above expectations, it can be bullish for the Dax. The reverse is also true.

Technical Analysis Introduction

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS INTRODUCTION German Dax traders like you and me tend to be technical traders. Technical traders use technical analysis to focus on price action, or more specifically historical price action. I use historical price action every day because I want to try to understand what has been going on with the Dax. The DAX analysis articles you find on this website, primarily use technical analysis Sometimes I use technical indicators to help me with this analysis, other times I just read the price action. I enjoy speculating and forecasting movements in future price action. So the main tool of a technical trader is the chart. Fundamental traders are likely often going to take a longer-term approach to their trading. They are happy to hold a position through periods of volatility and sometimes they may go for weeks without holding anything. But holding positions on the German Dax can be expensive because a typical contract costs €25 per point. How many regular traders have the capital to hold on to a 500 point move at €25 per point? readers certainly tend to be more technically oriented so that’s where the focus of the next units is going to be.

Technical Analysis Introduction – Summary

The financial markets offer opportunities to traders. These opportunities come in the form of price action movement. Our job as traders is to try to learn what makes a market move and understand its behaviour as best as we can. Technical analysis and fundamental analysis allows us to gain a better understanding of the market. To wrap up: this technical analysis introduction, is just a quick overview of the two different types of analysis. In the next article we’re going to look at the basics of Dow Theory which kind of forms the foundation of technical analysis. It will also provide some history and context which will help get you started. If you are interested in learning more about how to trade the German DAX then read more about our DAX trading strategy. Our DAX trading strategy uses a combination of technical tools and techniques to produce profitable DAX trading signals. Try it for yourself.

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