DAX Analysis
Week 32 2019

Technical Analysis, DAX Outlook, Economic Calendar, Key Levels and Current Bias

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Back to work on Monday!!

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Wednesday 7th August 2019

DaxTrader Range Trader

Using the DT Range Trader on MetaTrader4, we can see the following opportunities from yesterday (below). These opportunities often provide 3:1 or 4:1 reward when you place the stop loss above the sell signal high or below the buy signal low, and then look to target at least 3 or 4 times the points that you risk with the stop loss. You have to use a stop loss, anyone who is trading without a stop loss is not trading, they are gambling. All it takes is for a major geopolitical news event and your account is completely gone! Sure it doesn't happen often, but when it does, you're out of the game.

Dax Trading Strategy

BBRSI Dax Strategy

The BBRSI strategy showed some promise yesterday with a few divergences under the bollinger bands. RSI Divergence is always a useful technique and one to watch out for. I'm using an hourly BB but placed over a 1-minute chart, because the faster candles make for quicker entries.

Dax Trading Strategy

IB Breakout DAX Strategy

The IB is the Initial Balance breakout and it's an excellent way to catch momentum break outs based on price at a particular time of the day. The 'balance' of the European cash open is an important time period to watch.

Dax Trading Strategy

DAX RSI Strategy

Even the standard RSI indicator provided some opportunity yesterday to short.

Dax Trading Strategy

European Markets Stablise

Shares on European markets posted modest gains on Tuesday before the bell after earnings results from a string of European companies were published, including Unicredit, Commerzbank, E.ON, Wirecard and Glencore. Equities recovered partially from losses yesterday as trade standoff between the United States and China spilled over to currency markets. Stocks on Wall Street jumped in Tuesday's session after the worst day of 2019, with the yuan stabilized after it hit decade lows on Monday.

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Tuesday 6th August 2019

German Factory Orders Rise in June

Factory orders in Germany added 2.5% on a monthly basis but decreased by 3.6% on an annual basis in June, according to data released by Destatis on Tuesday. Price-adjusted new orders without major orders were 0.4% lower month-on-month. The revised monthly and annual changes for May stood at -2% and -8.4%, respectively, according to the report. On a monthly basis, domestic and orders from the Eurozone orders fell 1% and 0.6%, respectively, while orders from outside the euro area jumped 8.6% compared to May. The price-adjusted turnover in manufacturing in June slid 0.1% on a monthly and seasonally adjusted basis.

DAX Recovers From Overnight Sell Off

Shares in Europe mostly recovered in Tuesday's premarket trading, after the United States designated China a "currency manipulator," deepening further the trade dispute it has with the worlds second-largest economy. The measure came after deep losses recorded in the worst day of 2019 on Wall Street and Beijing's announcement that it stopped purchasing more American agriculture products. Washington accused China of allegedly depreciating the yuan, or allowing it to weaken, to its lowest since 2008 in order to provide a boost for its exports. The DAX advanced 0.25% at 8:20 am CET after closing almost 2% lower yesterday. The CAC 40 was up by 0.13% at the same time. The FTSE 100 declined 0.21% after a close of 2.47% in the red.

DAX Pivots

Here are some of the DAX pivot levels that look interesting for today and the key volume areas.

The DAX Pivots DAX Key Volume Areas

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Monday 5th August 2019

The DT RallyFader trading strategy catches another nice slump. I mean that's a 200-point move risking less than 20 points.

DT RallyFader

Here's a quick look at all three of the 'DT' indicators which will form the 'DT Indicator Pack'. It includes a Dip Buyer, a Rally Fader and a Range Trader, which you can change between depending on the market conditions.

DT Indicator Pack

The DT RallyFader (new indicator) picked up a few nice opportunities on the DAX recently. If you think you'd like this kind of indicator, let us know.

DT RallyFader

Once again, the trading strategy is crushing it, so congrats to all of you that have your Sierra Charts running this. Here is an excellent example of the FTSE from this morning. I am finding you are getting more from trading this strategy for yourselves, rather than receiving the trades as signals, so good job!

The DAX trading strategy

The main high-impact news events this week come from the Australia/New Zealand rate decisions, which will impact on our forex trading signals and we also see the UK GDP numbers. But nothing significant for the EU.

Trump sparks further market drama with escalations in the trade war with China, which has contributed to the recent price action. Service sector in Germany slipped at the beginning of the third quarter of 2019, dropping down to a six-month low of 54.5, IHS Markit announced on Monday. Within the same month, business optimism with regards to future output sank to its lowest for more than four-and-a-half years. Composite Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) in Europe's largest economy stood at 50.9 in July, down from 52.6 in June and its lowest reading in just over six years. Latest data showed a drop in total new business in July, marking the fifth time in the past seven months that a decrease has been recorded. The rise in seasonally adjusted IHS Markit Germany Services PMI was supported by a rise in inflows of new work and stronger domestic demand, while the July's decrease in new export business was the least marked in the past four months. The volume of outstanding business across the service sector was unchanged during the previous month. "The PMI data show that the pace of job creation in Germany is now at its slowest for over four years, which is a risk in itself to growth prospects. The good news for households and the health of consumer spending, in general, is that there is still evidence of robust wage growth and overall price pressures are subdued," Phil Smith, Principal Economist at IHS Markit said.

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