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Dax Technical Analysis 07/04/2014

So after the extended holiday weekend we are back to business at the monitors and watching the Dax again. I currently have two open long positions around 12000 and I am still bullish, so long as we stay above 11600.

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Dax Technical Analysis 30/01/2014

Well the pullback from the all time high didn’t last long did it? In fact we saw a day yesterday very similar to Monday, in terms of candle length, so because of this I am still sat on the sidelines with no swing trade open. But I can’t be disappointed because it’s end of the month today and what a crazy month it has been.

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Dax Technical Analysis 17/12/2014

We saw a pullback from the recent selloff yesterday and there was a large volume day not dissimilar to the 16/10. It will be interesting to watch whether the slide continues or whether we are seeing a bottom to this move. The 50% fib level was touched and rejected and now all eyes are on FOMC.

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Dax Technical Analysis 16/12/2014

This morning I had a clear vision that today was going to be another sell off, so I entered a number of trades; sell dax, sell USDJPY, buy EURUSD, believing them to share some sort of correlation (inverse or otherwise), the initial sell off suggested I would be correct, however the gains have now been parred and we have dug deep into drawdown territory.

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Dax Technical Analysis 12/12/2014

So oil prices have been dominating risk appetites recently and with USOIL breaching the 60 dollar handle, global markets have reacted with fear with fairly aggressive selling off. When you consider that some of the global equity markets are made up of very large oil companies, you can understand why.

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Dax Technical Analysis 11/12/2014

This morning there has been a decent surge up in the Dax, perhaps correctional behaviour from some of the recent slides from the last few days, but also perhaps on expectations of hawkish wording regarding further stimulus from the ECB. There was a monthly report being released, echoing the comments from the Draghi press conference but also the second TLTRO announcement as well.

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Dax Technical Analysis 10/12/2014

So today we have been consolidating yesterday’s losses and trapped in a range waiting for a breakout of either below 9835 or above 9885. Our vwap bands were starting to pinch in and the MACD was forming a wedge as well, suggesting that when a breakout came it would be quite significant in terms of day trading.

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Dax Technical Analysis 09/12/2014

The consensus has been that the 9950 zone was a good opportunity to go long and buy a dip as the market has been Bullish and a correction to this area would agree with the short term fib zone, daily S1 and other technicals.

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