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Dax Technical Analysis 30/04/2015

Yesterday was a significant day across many markets, but particularly the Dax because we have taken out major support and given the first indication that a move towards 11k may well be on the cards. I have changed my bias from bullish to neutral and I will unlikely be trading anything today.

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Dax Technical Analysis 29/04/2015

Reviewing the major stories, the Greek economy states the country are near to an agreement with lenders, despite the difficulties. Greece will likely remain part of the Eurozone. But yesterday we saw nearly all of the gains from Monday wiped out and bring us back to square one. So after an excellent Monday yesterday was… disappointing.

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Technical Analysis 28/04/2015

Plenty of German press reports today suggested that Greece has amended its reforms list and are expected to present it Eurozone meeting on Wednesday. It was also reported that Tsipras has made changes to his team with Varoufakis losing a close ally, suggesting a clearly positive move for Eurozone negotiations, pleasing the Germans, and the Dax.

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Dax Technical Analysis 27/04/2015

And there it is, the Dax is on its way back up past 12k and it now seems fairly likely that we can build higher from here. The positions we entered from Friday and Thursday are looking like they will hit the targets and life is good again.

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Dax Technical Analysis 23/04/2015

Another bearish candle yesterday and we are trapped, once again inside the large trading range from the end of March. 11500 is the trend defining level at the moment, a break below this could signal a drop to 11k but I expect to see a lot of support.

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Dax Technical Analysis 23/04/2015

Hello Traders! It looks likely that we are going to retest the lows of late either make it a triple bottom and build higher or break through and continue the correction. 11600 is the key level to watch and I am currently long...

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Dax Technical Analysis 22/04/2015

Whilst we are still waiting for the major problem to happen, the tensions between Germany and Greece have intensified once again and Grexit fears are moving up another level now. It seems that every due payment to the lenders is littered with uncertainty and the next major one to watch is the 12th May when it needs to find a chunk of cash to pay IMF. More and more hurdles come after this and a solution is not quite ready to be released and the longer it takes, the more likely it looks like things will go badly.

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