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20-07-2018 Dax
During the course of the day, take a close look at the interim results of Siemens’ rival General Electric (GE). In addition, the share of Microsoft should attract interest. The world’s largest software house has delivered surprisingly strong revenue and earnings growth in the past fourth quarter thanks to a booming cloud business. Thereafter, revenue increased 17.5 percent […]

20-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

18-07-2018 Dax
The DAX has finally broken through the 12637 level and broken clear of the recent trading range and is now bullish again. It is likely that the positive influence of US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, had an impact.  Recent price action on the DAX can be compared to a compressed spring. […]

18-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

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I am in Nottingham today and will be unable to provide the daily article and video. Sorry for any inconvenience. Normal service resumes tomorrow. PREMIUM MEMBERS: The daily analysis video has been recorded and uploaded to the premium broadcast channel. And the one-to-one sessions planned for today will resume as […]


16-07-2018 Dax
Let’s do a quick summary: Nasdaq closes with another record. Putin meets Trump in Helsinki. The earning season begins. Institutions begin their propaganda of “the markets are ready to rally again”. So let’s take a quick look at the bulls vs bears arguments. Bulls are looking for a strong balance-sheet […]

16-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

13-07-2018 Dax Analysis
Our 13-07-2018 DAX Analysis Bias: Bearish below 12,637 We were recently trading within a bullish reaction wave, until breaking the 12,421 level. Yesterday we discussed a few levels to watch with possible short entries, this morning we see a run towards that upper median line parallel level. See the article/video […]

13-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

12-07-2018 Dax
12-07-2018 Dax Bias: Bearish below 12637 We have been in a bullish reaction wave for some time. The trend defining level for that Bullish reaction wave was 12421 which was pierced yesterday. We are currently trading inside the major fork visible on the 60m chart below. Notice how we were […]

12-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

11-07-2018 Dax
The Trump administration has released a wide-ranging list of Chinese goods it proposes to be hit with tariffs, including hundreds of food products as well as tobacco, coal, chemicals and tyres, dog and cat food, and consumer electronics including television components. Donald Trump has said he might ultimately impose tariffs […]

11-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

10-07-2018 Dax
10-07-2018 Dax 60m Chart We are still in a Bullish reaction leg as the series of higher highs and higher lows is still intact. There is a compression ‘wedge’ pattern forming and there will likely be a break out soon. A break to the downside of the wedge will not […]

10-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

09-07-2018 Dax
Investors are likely to follow the trade dispute between the US and China with eagle eyes this week. They also look to London because the minister responsible for the Brexit negotiations, David Davis, surprisingly made his job available at the weekend. Chaos is expected to ensue. Strong US labor market numbers […]

09-07-2018 Dax Technical Analysis