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Chris Bailey - DaxTrader

Chris Bailey - DaxTrader

Trader & Technical Analyst

Lower Parkstone, UK

+447 912 682 257


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Professional Trader & Market Analyst
Oct 2014 - Current
I studied Accounting & Finance at Bournemouth University and got a 2:1 in 2004. I worked in banking for 7 years before moving on to become a financial advisor. During these years I invested a lot of time and money on Udemy courses to develop my skills and knowledge and I taught myself how to read markets, how to code programs and how to trade. was formed as a result of a personal interest in the German stock market. I grew up in Germany, went to secondary school in Germany and enjoyed the volatility of the Dax. The idea of was to document my learning as I made the leap from working full-time to becoming a trader full-time. The website grew and so did the followers, but I continue to document. I am now a more disciplined trader as a result.


Thanks to I have had many enquiries from institutions and personal traders who want to use my skills and experience to assist them with their trading operations. People come to me because I offer honest and effective private coaching, mentoring and training. I have many years of experience in the industry and I know what it takes to become a professional retail trader. My focus is on ensuring that traders are aware of how to map a market, how to understand trends and how to stick to a discipline trading plan. Most traders begin with one of my Premium Subscription packages. For example, I offer a comprehensive online learning course as part of my premium membership or click this link to find out more. I also offer my time in a one on one environment, mainly online, to personally assist traders to become more professional. Sometimes a few hours of coaching is all it needs to rewire the poor decision making processes we suffer from occasionally. For traders or organisations looking to hire me one a more personalised basis, then see below here.


  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Presenting and training
  • Personal technical analysis
  • Consulting on setups
  • Performance management
  • Process improvement
  • Up to eight hours to suit you
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