DAX 30 Trading Strategy 24/10/2020 Review

Bullish session with the majority of the trade taking place above vwap. The initiative move happened before my trading session started and we see yellow deviation warning candles. So i’ll avoid trading any signals to the upside until price action retraces back to VWAP. The market did not oblige until the end of the trading session, so there were no signals on the DAX.

DAX Analysis from 24-10-2020

This indicator is my customer DTI strategy. I have converted it to Pinescript so it runs on TradingView and you are welcome to use it but you will need to be a DaxTrader member to get access. You can find out

FTSE 100 Trading Strategy 24/10/2020 Review

Same session type and outcome as with the DAX.

FTSE Analysis from 24-10-2020

DOW 30 Trading Strategy 24/10/2020 Review

DOW Analysis from 24-10-2020

S&P 500 Trading Strategy 24/10/2020 Review

S&P Analysis from 24-10-2020

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