How To Use Intraday Signals 

This article is designed for DaxTrader members that want to understand how to use the intraday signals from the member’s telegram channel.


Before We Start

  1. I’m assuming that you already have Telegram Messenger installed.
  2. I’m assuming that you are already included in the intraday signals telegram channel. 

I’m assuming that you already know how to access the LiveStream from the member’s page. 

How The Intraday Signals Look

The Entries

The Type of trade will be SELL or BUY


The Symbol of the trade will be:

GER30 = DAX 

UK100 = FTSE 

US30 = DOW 

EUSTX50 = EuroStoxx


Price is the entry price of my trade


Time is the time of my trade


Ticket is the trade ID from my account 

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The Exits

The first line shows which trade Closed


The Profit of the trade shows the number of points that the trade won or lost


Closed at Price is the price that I got when I closed the trade


Open Price is the price at which I opened the trade 


The Type of trade will be SELL or BUY


Ticket is the trade ID from my account 

Help For Members

How to get the best out of the signals

Signals Only Members

  • Always choose a stop loss
  • Get at least 2:1 reward for the target
  • Use a dynamic trailing stop 
  • Walk away after three bullet rule 
  • Read through the intraday strategy articles

Full Members

  • Access the Live Room to get more insight
  • Download and install Sierra Charts
  • Download and install the strategy
  • Use the LiveStream to help with stop loss
  • Read through the intraday strategy articles 


Help For Members


do use a Stop Loss, but it is not shared on the telegram channel. To see the Stop Loss, you will need to refer to the strategy, or use your own Stop Loss


do set a Profit Target, but it is not shared on the telegram channel. To set the Profit Target use a 4:1 ratio compared to the Stop Loss.

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I use a CFD trading account to share these trades. CFD prices are slightly different to Futures prices, and be aware that your broker’s price may differ from mine. 


These trades are almost always closed within the same day as opening and are never held over a weekend. They are day trades.

Intraday Strategy FAQ

What Times Do You Send Out Signals?

Morning Session: 8am – 11am (UK Time) 

Afternoon Session: 1pm-4pm (UK Time) 

I rarely trade the Monday morning or Friday afternoon sessions. 

What Markets Do You Trade?

With this particular strategy I only trade four markets. They are DAX 30, FTSE 100, DOW Jones and the EuroStoxx 50. They are CFD indices.

Can I Have A Free Trial Of The Signals?

I do not offer free trials, however I do provide a lot of free content on the website. You can also read the trading diaries to learn more about the strategy.

When Do You Close The Trades Out?

The signals I am sharing are my CFD day trades. I will generally close the positions out before 6pm, however I may hold until the evening. I rarely hold overnight

What Are The Strategy Conditions?

The strategy is a momentum strategy and includes a particular combination of many typical standard studies and indicators. But I won’t share the specific conditions

Can I Have The Software On My Computer?

Yes. If you are a full member and you use Sierra Charts, then you are able to download the software and install it onto your version of Sierra Charts.


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