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Why Should I Subscribe?

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You get the recorded versions of every webinar that do. We cover a lot of detailed technical analysis tools and techniques. Watch them at your leisure as a member.


I share my indicators, some of my chartbooks, my custom studies, my scripts, some of my expert advisors and other programs with my members.


We are not solely a signal provider. We are a trading community. I share my trades, some of the other members do the same. Our goal is to make you professional in your approach. Not just follow a signal.


Join fellow traders in the community rooms and learn the tools, techniques and thought processes. Share charts and contribute in the community to gain as much experience as possible.

What Tools Do We Use?

03/01/2018 Dax Chart_4

Median Line Methodology

Alan H. Andrews’ Action Reaction is a key piece of work that underpins the majority of the technical analysis we do at DaxTrader.co.uk.

The markets move in waves and median lines are the best tools for forecasting pivots and turning points on any market.

04 DAX Market Profile

Market Profile & Footprint

Market profiles help to visualise an extra dimension that price action does not always show.

Points of Control, Value Areas, VWAP, Footprint, Bid/Ask Imbalance are useful tools when used occasionally.

24-11-2017 Dax Story

Naked Price Action

Learning price action is like learning a language. You learn the vocabulary and a few phrases before you have a full conversation.

With price, once you have learn some of the techniques, you can begin to read the story for yourself.

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DaxTrader Premium is not just a signal service. We have the tools and experience to assist you with your trading education. Yes, we provide signals, but it is a small part of the service. We include trading support, trading setups, risk management, trading psychology and charting platform setup.

To be successful in trading we should commit to continuous improvement and understand our mistakes. We should be accountable for our trades as disciplined trading involves sticking to our Trading Plan.

DaxTrader Trading Plan

Rarely risk more than 1%

Solid bankroll management separates many amateur traders from professional traders. Understanding that a losing streak will happen is a crucial adjustment to one’s mindset. We rarely risk more than 1% per stop loss and never risk more than 2%.

Minimum of 3:1 reward on our trades

We understand the probability of our setups and we know our numbers. We only need to win 30% of our trades to make money because our winners will earn three times more than our losers. Chasing a high win rate is not important if you understand the statistics.

We plan the trade and stick to the plan

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Prior-Planning-Prevents-Poor-Performance. Having a plan is only the first step. Once we have a trading plan, we are disciplined enough to stick to it.

Record every trade and context

We provide the context behind our trade signals and setups and record every trade we make because we should always be accountable for our trading decisions. Find me a professional trader who doesn’t record and analyse their trades, it’s essential.

Recent Trading Signals

Keep up to date with the performance

Trading in December and first part of January is always quiet for me personally as I take most of the month away from the screen.

Trading this January was quieter than usual for redesigning the website, rebuilding the trading signal platform and designing and building the new DaxTrader trading algorithm. As a premium member, you will hear more about that, because you can test it.

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