The DAX index continues to remain bullish above 13096 on CFD. We attempted yesterday (pretty early yesterday) to break the previous low, but the low remains the trend-defining level. Be aware that this market has rallied 1500 points without any major corrective pullback and of course there are risks of a global recession on the horizon. However, this probably will not cascade down to the markets immediately and

If conditions remain as they are, in terms of easy monetary policy, then the DAX can continue to move higher.

dax analysis 14-11-2019

DAX Morning Webinar

I will be looking to set up a regular morning webinar at 8am UK time, which will be broadcast on Twitch. You can follow the channel by searching ‘thedaxtrader’ on Twitch. Or of course, you can join the telegram channel by clicking the telegram icon in the menu.

The webinars are recorded by Twitch and you will find them at the bottom of this article.

This morning we spent a bit of time talking about the price action from yesterday, particularly at vwap zoom and holds. Watch the videos below for more on that. Here is the analysis from the chartbook:

dax analysis 14-11-19

DAX Signals

Yesterday I sent out just a single DAX signal (a long) which I took from the DAX trading strategy which was closed just before 7pm. The timing was almost perfect, because the rest of the market seemed to do the same thing.

DaxTrader Index Signals, [13.11.19 13:07]
Type: BUY
Symbol: GER30
Price: 13202.55
Stop: 13190.31
Target: 13250.31
Time: 14:08
ID: 21449083

DaxTrader Index Signals, [13.11.19 18:43]
ID: 21449083
Symbol: GER30
Return: 3.26%
Type: BUY
Open price: 13202.55
Closed at price: 13241.47

DAX Key Levels

Point of Control13223
Value Area High13257
Value Area Low13188

DAX Webinar Recordings on Twitch

There was a power cut in the middle of the stream, so I had to reboot it. Hence the two recordings.

Part 1

Watch DaxTrader TV from thedaxtrader on

Part 2

Watch DaxTrader TV from thedaxtrader on