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99% of Traders Fail To Invest In Their Development

Every day, a trader somewhere in the world quits. He just gives up. And guess what? Every day, somewhere in the world, a different trader says, “Holy CRAP. I get it now. Ha. I understand what I need to do.” And it’s usually something simple, powerful, and game-changing. 


This realisation often helps the trader overcome the psychological barriers and it makes all the difference.

Start Winning 

Start winning and never stop

When will you start riding your winning trades into orbit? Don’t carry on wasting time trying to “figure it out.” It’s time to just make a difference now, rather than later. The answer comes from understanding how markets work and how prices move.

Trading takes time to learn. Is it a skill? An art? A profession? A vocation? Yes, it is. Is it a con? An impossible challenge? A difficult career? Yes, sometimes it is all of those things. 

But can you beat it? 

Yes, you can!

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Losers DO become winners

When I began trading I sold when I should have bought, I closed my winning trades early and let my losing trades keep going until I could feel the market kicking me in the crotch. But I knew this was what I wanted to do. So I studied and networked and shadowed and experienced and traded and won and lost with hundreds of experienced traders and professionals. I learnt everything I could, and documented it all. 

Trading Is A Lifestyle

Trading is not the easiest way to make a living. But it can provide a very comfortable lifestyle with a brilliant work/life balance. And life is for living. 


Don’t spend all day at the screens. Enjoy your family and friends.


Learn your strategy, practice your strategy, study your strategy, improve your strategy, accept your strategy, live and breathe your strategy and then trade it, in shifts.  

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Strategies Are Best When They Are Simple

Over-complicating a strategy will cause you to second-guess yourself. The more you learn, the more likely you will do this. So keep your strategy simple!

Read The Story Of Price

Price and volume are king. These tell a different story every day. Some days are similar, but none are the same. However, each day shows patterns of behaviour that are recognisable.


I will show you the techniques I use, to read the story of price everyday.

Indicators Are Not The Answer 

If I told you to only ever have three things on your chart at one time, what would they be? 


For me, it would be the current day’s price, yesterday’s volume profile and value area. That’s it.


The rest can be done with basic line drawing tools, using some advanced techniques, which I will share with you. 

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What Can I Expect From This Academy?

  1. Learn multiple advanced techniques
  2. Learn how trades are made from the new techniques
  3. Learn to feel 100% calm about your trading – no more frantic worrying in the middle of the night.
  4. You’re going to learn to extend your profit targets 2, 3, or even 5 times bigger
  5. You’re going to learn how to balance your work life and your trading
  6. You’re going to learn to avoid the mistakes that my friends and I made as we made the leap
  7. You’re going to focus your trading on what makes you the most money
  8. You’re going to feel the awesome power of throwing away what doesn’t work
  9. You’re going to get the peace of mind from simplifying your charts
  10. You will have good days and bad days but you will be off the up and down trading roller coaster
  11. You will definitely discover the 2 things that every single giant winning trade I’ve ever had in common
  12. And that’s just a tiny fraction, a small percentage of a GIANT amount of knowledge that I am going to pass on to you.


Learn To Speak The Language Of Price

I want to give you everything I can in a trading course. I don’t want to hold anything back. 


I have put a lot of my own time and money into my development as a trader and I share a lot of it for free. I spend a lot of time talking in the language of price. But sometimes I forget that there are plenty of traders that still need to learn the foundations of the language. 


Part One: Basics

Refresh the basic technical analysis, but more importantly; learn how to improve your software, your server, your broker, your charting platform and your screen sharing.

Part Two: Management 

Understand proper risk management, behaviour management, bankroll management, record keeping, replaying sessions and study management.

Part Three: Technique

Let’s jump into the good stuff. Market structure, volume profile, balance points, market geometry, action reaction, median line method, vwap, delta, and more

Part Four: Work It

Theory is only rehearsal, now it’s time to perform with it. You’ve just learnt the language of price, so go and listen to what market is telling you.


What if I work full-time? 

You can still use our trading method. We do the webinars at all times of the day so you will find that we’ll be doing webinars when  you are available. And the method works on long time frame charts and even for quick trades too.


What if you trade options? 

Providing there is volume being traded in the market you are watching, you can use these techniques. Markets move based on the fear and greed which in deeply ingrained into human psychology. Providing humans are trading your market, you can benefit from this course. I hope you are going to love what we are doing. You can trade stock or index options or CFD or futures or Forex easily with our teaching.


What if you have a small trading account? 

You have to work a bit harder to grow that account, but this course can help you learn what to do. We’ve helped many traders do this. Trading is risky, of course. But you already know that. I have grown a small trading account. So it can be done. 


What if you are a beginner? 

Then don’t jump too far ahead until you have the basics. You will benefit from spending more time absorbing everything you can from the early parts of the course. Google will help you learn a few pieces of terminology that you are not familiar with. You will also benefit from spend more time the beginning lessons in the course. This course will form part of your education, you will likely still need to spend a lot more time on your development.


What if I already am an advanced trader? 

I’d like to show you what I have learned from other advanced traders, experts and money managers. I will share the techniques that I used to grow a small trading account into a larger trading account and continue the growth. I’ll teach you everything I did to make that happen as well. I’m going to pass on to you every little bit of knowledge that I have so that you can make more progress, faster than I did.


Won’t this trading system “break” if too many people do it? 

First of all, there is no system here. No holy grail. I am helping you learn the language of price. This knowledge is quite specific and niche. At TheDaxTrader we have a small, exclusive group of traders who trade together. We are not in danger of telling too many people about what we do. We are just a small, private, friendly group. Our methodology is quite simple. We’ve experienced the incredibly complex and understood it, but now we’ve realised that the key to this business, is simplicity. It’s not going to stop working tomorrow, or the next day, or next year.


Why sell courses, instead of trade?

Because I love coaching. I love traders. I trade my own account, I manage money, yes, but you know what I really do well? I get the best from people, by helping them believe in themselves. I am never going to stop helping people. It’s just what I am meant to do. Some people hate the idea of selling courses. I believe you only really understand a topic if you are able to teach it. I believe that teaching makes me a better trader and a better person. I charge money for this course because I value my time. 

Go On Then, Let’s Go. What Next?


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