DaxTrader Membership?

What are the benefits?


Here are some of the key features of being a DaxTrader member:

Trading Signals

Access a signals channel broadcasting live trading signals across multiple markets. Including a stop loss. The signals use multiple strategies, which you will come to learn as well.

Advanced Swing Trader

Access our excellent comprehensive swing trading course and learn how to understand and use the tools that help you become a more advanced swing trader.

Become Disclipined

Learn how to create a plan and stick to it, learn how to apply our excellent trading strategies and the indicators connected to them to improve your decision making. Become more disciplined.

Growing Community

We have a growing community of traders discussing indices, forex, cryptocurrencies, and regular chart analysis. Share charts and pick the brains of experienced traders.

Signal History

Since October 2017. Scroll to the bottom for the most up to date results.

The Swing Trading Course 

Spend time developing your skills with the swing trading course, here is a taste of what’s included:

The Essentials for Professional Trading

Understand your broker options, record keeping, running a private server, charting platforms, screen sharing tools, risk management, auction price theory and much more.

Learn Advanced Techniques

Such as volume profile, market structure, ignition points, understanding swing mechanics, gaps, zooms, WRBs, trend following, swap zones, impulse and reaction legs, multi-pivot lines and much more.

The Median Line Method

Understand action/reaction in financial markets, median lines, center lines, parallels, pivots, sine waves, market behaviour, pitchforks, schiff forks, UMLH, LMLH and much more.


If you have any queries or want more information, contact Chris on Telegram now.


UK Time: 06:00 – 18:00

Our Trading Ethos

Rarely Risk Over 2%

Solid bankroll management separates many amateur traders from professional traders. We tend to not risk more than 1% per stop loss and rarely risk more than 2%.

Minimum 2:1 Reward vs Risk

We know our numbers. We understand our winners will earn at least two times more than our losers. A high win rate is not important if you understand statistics.

Solid Trading Plan

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Prior-Planning-Prevents-Poor-Performance. Once we have a trading plan, we are disciplined enough to stick to it.

Consider Every Trade

We provide the context behind our trade signals and setups and record every trade we make because we should always be accountable for our trading decisions. 

Committed to Price Action

The ability to read, analyse and understand price action movements will be the decisive factor of whether we are successful in trading, or not.

Swing Trading Specialists

We use complex swing trading techniques, however, the overall idea is straightforward. Identify the major swings then identify the minor swings within that. 



“I am a happy customer and pleased with the service – in particular the expertise and patience to respond to queries. Chris is working hard every day to provide all members the best service he can.”

Gosia Wierzbicka

“Chris Bailey will provide personal assistance if required and his webinars take you through the thought processes and analysis to assess a trade and associated risks.”

David Knight

I have to say that Chris is a very hard-working, friendly chap. There are a full range of helpful features, training library, webinars, personal assistance to name but a few.”

Malcolm Davies

Professional Technical Analysis 

Here is a playlist of past technical analysis videos from Chris Bailey to display some of the content we cover during the day.


Visit the YouTube channel for more videos.

Signals & Strategies

Learn the strategies behind the signals and get access to a live screen broadcast of these charts during the day.


You want to be a trader, rather than a follower. So learn how these strategies work 

Dax Signals
MOMENTUM Scanner Signal


How It Works


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Do You Offer A Free Trial?

Unfortunately not, no. If you are unsure of whether to subscribe, please have a look through the olders articles, videos, resources already on the website or contact us directly if you have any queries.

Do You Sell Signals?

Signals are included, but ‘only’ following signals will not teach us anything. We work with traders who want to learn and understand the strategies. Hopefully you are interested in developing as a trader.

Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes you can. If you are not happy with the service, feel free to provide Chris will some feedback so he has the chance to work on improving the service for you. But if you decide to leave, you can cancel at anytime.

When Do The Signals Come Out?

In the morning session. I work from the UK and normally have my DAX, FTSE and EuroStoxx plan sorted the night before, which I share early in the morning by video. But the signals are normally ready around 9am-10am at the latest. 

Do You Send Them On Email?

No. Only using Telegram messenger. This messenger service is free to use and easily accessible from the Telegram website: https://telegram.org

We recommend you contact Chris on Telegram for ws. 

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Get access to signals (DAX, FTSE, EuroStoxx and FX) whilst you are a member.

Full Membership



*recurring monthly payment

All signals. 

Live Trading Room access 

DaxTrader Academy access 

Chat Room, and additional channels

all whilst you are a member

Private Sessions



Hire Chris for any trading-related purpose, to suit your needs. Examples include trade coaching, strategy automation, swing trade consulting, training and education, presentations and feedback.

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