Learn To Trade The DAX

Trading is more than just picking a direction and putting your capital at risk. It is a discipline and a skill that needs to be studied.

We have two membership types: 

  1. Trading Signals Membership
  2. Trading Development Membership

Learn more about why people are joining and using DaxTrader below.

KEY features

Signals Membership

Real-Time Alerts

Our signal service gives you access to real-time buy or sell trading signals for both Indices and Forex. The signals are based on fully tested trading strategies and include a stop loss.

Access Our Software

We have built our strategy into software which is available for your to use yourself. The strategy is available for MetaTrader 4 and Sierra Charts users. This means you can understand how we get into, and manage our trades.

Proper Risk Management

Understanding our edge and maximising it is how we win here. We use a stop loss on every trade. We have a positive reward to risk ratio on every trade. We rarely risk more than 1% on any trade. We know our numbers.

Member Channel

We produce recordings from live webinars on various strategies and technical analysis tools and share these in our telegram channels. As a signals member, you will have access some of these additional resources. We also occasionally have member promotions and discounts, which are available in these channels

Trader Development

Advanced Techniques

Learn techniques such as volume profile analysis, market structure, ignition points, swing mechanics, gaps, zooms, WRBs, trend following, swap zones, impulse and reaction legs, multi-pivot lines and more.

Live Webinars

Learn technical analysis, learn our strategies, join live trading sessions, understand and learn how to program your own indicators and trading algorithms, understand cryptography techniques. These sessions are recorded for you.

Become Disciplined

Learn how to create a plan, like professional traders do, and stick to it. Learn how to apply our excellent trading strategies and the indicators connected to them to improve your decision making. Become more disciplined.

All Signals & Much More

You get all the benefits from the signals package on top of everything else. So not only will you be able to follow the trades that we are making, but you will learn how they come, how we reach those decisions, how the strategies are built and how to build them yourself.


We practice the median line method whilst studying price action.

We believe solid bankroll management is key to preserving capital.

We believe that trading is a game of statistics and we will only be successful when we understand if our strategy has a ‘statistical trading edge’ or not.


Here is a copy of the swing trading bible from Alan Andrews below. This is an essential tool for anyone aspiring to improve their trading.

“I am a happy customer and pleased with the service – in particular the expertise and patience to respond to queries. Chris is working hard every day to provide all members the best service he can.”
Gosia W
Full Member

Rarely Risk Over 2%

Solid bankroll management separates many amateur traders from professional traders. We tend to not risk more than 1% per stop loss and rarely risk more than 2%.

Minimum 2:1 Reward vs Risk

We know our numbers. We understand our winners will earn at least two times more than our losers. A high win rate is not important if you understand statistics.

Solid Trading Plan

Failure to plan is planning to fail. Prior-Planning-Prevents-Poor-Performance. Once we have a trading plan, we are disciplined enough to stick to it.

Our Trader & Market Analyst

Chris Bailey


Hello guys, here’s a little bit about me. 

I started DaxTrader in 2014 to improve my record keeping and self-discipline and have traded full-time ever since. I have worked in finance since graduating with an accounting degree in 2001 and previously worked as a financial advisor and I am passionate about trading and helping others to learn from my experiences. 

The DAX interests me because of its volatility and price movements and because I grew up in Germany. But I am not exclusively trading only this market as I also trade forex, Oil, Gold and the other major indices as well.

Most people believe that we will fail as traders. But I can attest to the fact that with hard work and dedication to personal development, trading profitably is possible. 


Live Trading Signals

We have built custom software which connects one of our trading accounts directly to Telegram messenger. This means whenever a trade is opened on that account, the details are sent directly to the channel, in real-time, with zero delay.

All you need to do is subscribe as a member, then download and install Telegram Messenger (which is free). Once  you have the messenger, we can add you to the signals channels.

Professional Technical Analysis

These videos will provide more of an insight into the techniques, strategies and tools you will learn as a member.

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