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Live Trading Signals

Access our signals channels broadcasting live trading signals across multiple markets. |We include a stop loss. The signals use multiple strategies, which you will come to learn as well.

Strategy Webinars

Get access to regular live trading webinars, strategy webinars and analysis sessions discussing how to use the various DAX strategies to improve your personal trading performance.

Advanced Technical Analysis

Learn more about how to use and adopt advanced swing trading tools and techniques to help you make better decisions as a day trader. Understand the language of price and read a market.

We have specialised on the German DAX for many years, analysing it everyday to understand its movements and behaviour. We share the trades we are making as well as the strategies we are using.


Below you will find two sets of signal results. 

The first set of results come from the DaxTrader Intraday strategy which we started forward-testing in November 2018.

The second set of results come from our regular trading signals, which includes DAX, FTSE and Forex.

Our results are See what you think

Index Signal Results

FX Signals Results


Forex Signals

Majors, minors and exotics
£ 30 Monthly
  • Live forex signals
  • Premium Broadcast Channel

Index Signals

DAX, FTSE, DOW, S&P, EuroStoxx
£ 35 Monthly
  • Regular signals
  • Intraday signals
  • Premium Broadcast Channel

All Signals

Both the Index and Forex signals
£ 50 Monthly
  • All forex signals
  • All index signals
  • Premium Broadcast Channel

Full Membership

Invest in your development
£ 95 Monthly
  • All signals
  • All Telegram Channels
  • Daxtrader Academy
  • Live Trading Room
  • Receive Our Software

KEY features

Trading Signals

Our Signal services give you access to live buy or sell trading signals for Indexes and Forex. The signals are based on tested trading strategies and include a stop/loss setup. Join our Full Membership if you want learn to develop your own trading strategies.

Effective Swing Trading

As a Full member you have access our excellent comprehensive swing trading course and learn how to understand and use the tools that help you become a more advanced swing trader.

Professional Trading

Understand how to run your trading account, your broker options, record keeping, running a private server, charting platforms, screen sharing tools, risk management, auction price theory and much more.

Lively Community

We have a growing and lively community of Index and Forex traders discussing indices, forex markets, crypto currencies, and technical analysis. Share charts and trades in real time or pick the brains of experienced traders.

Become Disciplined

Learn how to create a plan, like professional traders do, and stick to it. Learn how to apply our excellent trading strategies and the indicators connected to them to improve your decision making. Become more disciplined.

Advanced Techniques

Such as volume profile, market structure, ignition points, understanding swing mechanics, gaps, zooms, WRBs, trend following, swap zones, impulse and reaction legs, multi-pivot lines and much more.