2019 was an excellent year for my forex trading results. At one point I was trading at a gain of +185% with some outstanding results. Although I could not maintain that performance, I am very pleased to have delivered a return of +125% for the year.

Sometimes I found periods of difficulty during the year, weeks where every trade I was taking felt as if it would lose, but that’s trading. Trading forex can play with your head and take you away from your trading strategy and take you away from your trading plan. Keeping your discipline when making decisions is the only way I can get through those periods of doubt.

So it was a positive step to widening my trading scope, rather than just focusing on trading the German DAX. All the forex trades I am taking I share with the members of my forex signal channel on Telegram.

2019 Forex Trading Performance

My performance did not just come from a few good trades. I opened over 1200 trades during the year, which is around 100 a month, or 5 a day on average. During my holidays, when I was not trading, there were no results to post. Some quarters were better than others too. I found the first quarter very challenging (Jan to March). Quarter 2 and 3 offered some fantastic opportunities and I managed to grab some strong gains during these months. Unfortunately, Quarter 4 slowed down dramatically, in terms of performance, but overall I just about broke-even.

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