The DAX is still bullish with a succession of higher highs and higher lows. The trend defining level is the minor low at 12 209 on futures. The video below will look at how i’m trading the DAX after the Easter break.

But before we got on to that, let’s take a look at the charts and key levels. The daily chart shows that we’ve had a consecutive run of seven higher highs and higher lows on each of the individual daily candles. This price action is always good to see as it confirms a bias.

In the video below, I also show how the changing of ‘frequency’ of price action is a clue to a trend coming to an end. We examine some examples of the angles of lines at the moment on the hourly chart. These angles have played out through the entire month of April.

Dax Key Levels

POC : 12219.0
VAH : 12274.0
VAL : 12163.5
VWAP : 12194.3
R2 : 12376.3
S2 : 12043.2
Pivot : 12209.7
High :12273.7
Low :12107.2
Point of Control : 12237
Value Area High : 12290
Value Area Low : 12177
VWAP : 12208
R2 : 12398
S2 : 12062
Pivot : 12230
High : 12292.0
Low : 12124.0

Dax Technical Analysis Video

How I'm Trading The Dax After Easter
The DAX constituents