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Learn from TheDaxTrader whilst he executes his Intra-day strategy in the live trading room, with trade receipts being sent instantly to your phone.


DAX 30 || DOW || FTSE 100 || EUROSTOXX 50



Intra-day Strategy

Trading is a numbers game for me. Probability.


I know that I can lose 60% of my trades, but still make profit. How? Because of my reward to risk ratio. I’ll explain it all in the live trading room.

4:1 Reward On All Trades

Cut the losers short. Let the winners run. Our average win is much higher than our average loss.

1% Maximum Risk

We need to be able to afford multiple losses, without damaging a bankroll. So we rarely exceed 1% of our account per trade.

Momentum Strategy

Getting in on a ‘move that runs’ is the goal. We find those opportunities in the live trading room and use sensible bankroll and trade management.

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Be The Trader! 

Learn The Strategy


Follow along in the live trading room with your own version of the strategy 

Get access to the strategy file for your charting platform 

(available for Sierra Charts users)


Keep It Simple 


In the live trading room you will see my screen and hear my voice, you can watch me executing the strategy, live.


When I make a trade, you will receive the notification directly to your phone. 


When I close a trade you will receive a notification directly to your phone.


If you can’t access the LiveRoom, you can watch a silent LiveStream of my trading platform. So when you receive a trade notification, you can check it against the DaxTrader LiveStream.

Specific Trading Times (UK)

Morning Session: 8am – 11am

Afternoon Session: 1pm – 4pm


The live trading room covers occasional sessions during the week. 

Multiple Indices Included

Chris trades multiple markets, but the LiveRoom will focus on the DAX 30, DOW Jones, FTSE 100 and EuroStoxx 50.

Hosted By: Chris Bailey

Our resident trader and chief market analyst Chris Bailey will take you through the strategy, identifying trading opportunities and sharing the trades he takes. 

System Disclosure

There are select strategies that I will share with you, including the conditions and code. Then you can go ahead and trade yourself.


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