During week 40 (which is Monday 30th September to Friday 4th October) we sent out 37 forex signals to the signal channel, which averages at over seven per day! The performance was solid, adding an additional 4.5% return to the account and earning 823 pips. This has take our forex signal results to an excellent 124.4% return since January 1st and 13369 pips for 2019 so far.

However, the majority of these trades were those that went into profit by 30 pips, at which point I close 1/3 of the trade and move the rest to breakeven. This is a way for me to book some profit and take some money out of the market, whilst reduce my exposure to the market, because I have multiple positions open at the same time.






EURCAD Forex Trading Signal Analysis

This setup was an interesting one because there was a good example of how a double bottom showed a previous rejection zone which, when revisited, is often a high probability support play. 

EURCAD Forex Signal Analysis

AUDUSD Forex Trading Signal Analysis

When you see a fast aggressive sell-off during a well-established trend, it demonstrates crowd power. I often find short-covering (closing shorts to take profit) leading to an opportunity to get long.

AUDUSD Forex Signal Analysis

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