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Choose between the three month, six month or twelve month subscription packages and take advantage of the best value memberships at TheDaxTrader.

These subscriptions include access to both the Index channel (DAX & FTSE) and the FX channel (forex trades) and they include stop loss and take profit levels.

Want A Monthly Subscription?

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Live trading signals from the TheDaxtrader includes DAX trading signals and forex trading signals. As soon as we trade, you will be notified immediately. Trades use us because there is no delay between us trading and you getting the signals. There is no wasted time waiting for someone to type the alerts and press send, we have automated the whole process so you get the details as soon as we trade.

Best Value Trading Signals

We reward loyalty so purchase a twelve month subscription and get the best rates. The longer the subscription, the better the cost.

Three month, six month and twelve month subscriptions available.

How Do I Get The Trading Signals?

Once you have chosen and completed your subscription, please contact Chris and the team by using this link and we can then add you to the signals channels.

How Long Does It Take To Get The First Signal?

Almost immediately, depending on what time you subscribe.

Just be aware that we normally work between 7am – 7pm, so if you subscribe outside of these times, you may need to wait until we are in the office to include you in the channels.

Typically we send around 5-6 DAX or FTSE trades and 7-8 forex trades per day, mostly in the morning (UK time).

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