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DAX Signals & FTSE Signals Direct to your Phone

DAX Signals

DAX Signals (Telegram)

Once you have subscribed to this package, you will be sent instructions (email) to get ready for receiving DAX signals and FTSE Signals. When we open a trade, you will receive the notification directly to your phone.

The notification will include the direction, the market, the open price, the stop loss and the profit target. The information will include the date and time for your local zone and be sent in real-time.

You will mainly receive DAX signals, but we do also provide FTSE signals (occasionally) as well.

Cancel or Upgrade

You are never tied into DaxTrader if you choose a monthly option. There is no contract or cancellation penalty. Feel free to amend your subscription at any time as well. We can upgrade your package if you are happy to receive more services. We can also downgrade your package if you want a lower one.

Next Steps

Please fill out the details below to complete your registration, then when I receive the notification of your subscription I can process you onto the signal platform.

I will require your Telegram Username to add you to the platform, please download that app to your phone. You can contact me using my username: @Daxtrader or add my phone number to your contacts: +447 912 682 257

Telegram is free and more information can be found here:

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