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DaxTrader Signals

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DAX Signals

The DAX is one of my favourite markets. It’s volatile and it catches nice momentum moves from specific levels. These levels I trade everyday, and share.

FTSE Signals

FTSE is a much slower, more mature market. As a result, we find our levels to be quite strong

EuroStoxx Signals

Get access to the trading signals directly to your phone. They come from one of our strategies, so keep up to date with the setups. Including FOREX signals.

Forex Signals

Cover advanced swing trading techniques, programming & coding custom indicators and learn about blockchain.

How To Use The Signals 

There are two telegram channels for signals. One for Indices and the other for FX.

Once you are registered, we can give you access to both. 



  • Trade management is key, move stop losses!
  • Try not to just place all orders automatically
  • It’s recommended that before placing the order that you do some of your own analysis
  • Don’t exceed 2% risk of your capital per trade
  • If your account size is less than €1000 then the maximum should be 3 open trades 
  • After 25 pips, take some profit then immediately move the SL to break even 
  • Please don’t wait for my notification to move to b/e



  1. Read as much as you can about trading
  2. Always use a stop loss
  3. Hitting a stop loss is the cost of business
  4. Always get 2:1 on a tradeTake profits or move stop losses to break even
  5. Read read readGet a decent charting platform
  6. Try not to trade from your phone
  7. Invest in your education
  8. Trade in 30 minute sections
  9. Take regular breaks
  10. Have a trading plan
  11. Read, read, read
  12. Practice, practice, practice
  13. And then read some more 

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