Dax FTSE DOW Trading Signals

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When you log in, you will be able to see a live broadcast of one of my sierra chart instances. This will display one of my chartbooks that focuses on signals for DAX, FTSE, DOW and EuroStoxx.

So basically my sierra charts can be displayed on the website for you, just in case you wanted a sense check on whether or not to enter into a trade. Doing things this way means it doesn’t matter whether you’re on a phone/pc/mac. You can see the charts. It also doesn’t matter if you’re an MT4, Sierra charts, Pro Real Time, Ninja Trader user, whatever, you can see the charts.

It also doesn’t matter whether you’re bullish or bearish, you will see all the signals and can choose whichever ones you want. 

I will go into more detail on the individual strategies in a separate series of webinars and videos.

Good luck