Profits since last Thursday, when the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to keep interest rates at zero per cent by the summer of 2019, have been completely eroded. Four main issues are affecting the DAX 30 right now. Firstly, after the futures expiry on Friday there is a lot of […]

19-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

14-06-2018 Dax
The German stock market was expected to start weaker on Thursday morning after the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. Banks and brokers expect the Dax to open down 0.3 percent lower. On Wednesday, the index gained very little and has formed a Doji on the daily chart. The prospect […]

14-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

04-06-2018 Dax signals
04-06-2018 Dax FTSE DOW Technical Analysis Welcome back traders, I hope you all had a nice weekend. Let’s get straight into the charts to try and digest things a little bit. The DAX kicks off with a pretty bullish start, it’s drawing in the counter-trend traders with some attractive shorting […]

04-06-2018 Dax FTSE DOW Technical Analysis

31-05-2018 Dax
Good morning traders. A big couple of days for Europe coming up. In Italy, we should soon know if there’ll be a new Conte government, a Cottarelli technocratic government or whether president Mattarella will call new elections. In Spain, the no-confidence moción debate starts soon in Spanish parliament. Possibly tomorrow during […]

31-05-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

29-05-2018 Forex Swing Trading 1
  Major Swings: Bearish below 1.18298 Minor Swings: Bearish below 1.16397 The Italian political ‘crisis’ is dominating the sentiment at the moment Notice how we’ve broken the black line and tested it from the underside Continuing weakness here   SWINGS SWAPPING? Bearish below 109.833 and 109 has been broken already […]

29-05-2018 Forex Swing Trading Analysis

How to Trade the Dax 1
Good morning traders, we witnessed a break of the major levels on the DAX30 yesterday so now we try to make sense of the price action. On the news front, we saw some interesting headlines, such the Germany/China cooperation on the Iran nuclear agreement. Iran want EU compensation for the […]

25-05-2018 Dax FTSE Dow Technical Analysis

23-05-2018 Dax Analysis
We have already seen quite a bit of activity this morning on the DAX30. The activity goes for all the major indices. But luckily for us, we were holding a short from one of my algorithms yesterday. The algorithm is based on Chris’s mean reversion strategy. It offered this signal […]

23-05-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

22-05-2018 Dax Signals
Hello traders, after the German holiday yesterday, the market has some catching up to do and we saw a nice gap this morning, which as I write this article, seems to be closing now. So let’s take a look at the markets. The economic calendar is pretty light today, with […]

22-05-2018 Dax Technical Analysis