Forex Signal Summary

We sent out 39 forex signals (including a gold signal) to our telegram channel last week, which averages out at nearly eight signals per day.

Total performance so far for 2019 is an excellent positive gain of +185.8% which has nearly tripled the size of our trading account. Since the beginning of October, we have achieved growth of +27.3% to the account and +11% in just the last week alone. Forex trading has delivered a large percentage of my trading returns this year and we are on for a record-breaking year at TheDaxTrader, congratulations to those that are also benefiting.

Next week I will start updating the channel with what positions are still open and what positions I have closed, just to help you keep up with how the trades are being managed. This is because there are so many signals coming through, it can be difficult to know where everything is.

forex trading signal performance for week 42 2019

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