Week 51: Intra-day Trading Results (2018)

Dax Intraday Signals

Hello traders. 

These results come from the DaxTrader Intraday (DTI) Strategy. To find out more about this strategy, click here: https://thedaxtrader.co.uk/dax-trading-strategy/ 

Week 51 (17th – 21st)
Trades 7
Start 15486
Final 15186
Result -300
Gain -1.94%

More results can be found here: https://thedaxtrader.co.uk/daxtrader-signals-results/

Tuesday December 17th 2018

Not the best day, not terrible either. The losses were small and well controlled. The signals I chose to take just didn’t perform. But that’s trading and tomorrow is another day.




Monday December 16th 2018

Just the two trades, small gain, not many opportunities able to be taken from me.