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Our full membership will help you along your path to trader development. Use me as a soundboard for your ideas. Check analysis with me. Check your understanding of the strategies with me. Learn the advanced technical tools that I use. Get the signals. Improve your trading. 


Trading Strategies

Get access to our intraday strategy for either Sierra Charts or MetaTrader4. Access our DipBuyer, our RallyFader and our RangeTrader and use them to generate signals for yourself, or learn to feed them into an expert advisor which will automatically trade for you.

Advanced Analysis

I have created quite a collection of advanced technical analysis tools, techniques and methods from various courses, books, coaches, sites and many years of trading the financial markets, which I have recorded into a series of videos for you.



Trading is a pretty lonely business, and as a result we can live pretty solitary and nomadic lifestyles at times. I enjoy building relationships with my members, understand a little about you because it helps me find improvement areas to develop your trading.

Trading Signals

We trade the German DAX, the UK FTSE, various forex pairs as well as BitCoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin. DAX/FTSE and forex signals are automatic, let me know if you want the crypto signals as well. The signals are sent on Telegram messenger.  

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Once you have completed your registration, we can include you in the trading activities including the signals and the advanced technical analysis. We can also give you access to the members page with the additional resources available.

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– Chris

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