21-06-2018 Dax Key Levels
The DAX 30 index stabilises after some heavy losses and we are expecting much of the same for today. We are expecting a slightly bullish day today, but overall a lower than average daily price range is likely. So if prices are likely to rise today, can we expect us […]

21-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

20-06-2018 Dax
Telegram Channel The German stock market was under pressure yesterday as a result of the escalating trade dispute. After the significant losses at the start of the week, the Dax shows some signs of recovery this morning. For the trade conflict between the US and China, there is nothing new […]

20-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

Profits since last Thursday, when the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to keep interest rates at zero per cent by the summer of 2019, have been completely eroded. Four main issues are affecting the DAX 30 right now. Firstly, after the futures expiry on Friday there is a lot of […]

19-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

18-06-2018 Dax 20m
The dust has settled from last the ECB’s interest rate decision on Thursday. The 18-06-2018 DAX 30 has now broken the sideways range and resumed a bullish trend. But despite a clear improvement at first glance, the DAX continues to retrace the Thursday gains. We saw a strong performance on […]

18-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

The DAX 30 breaks 13,000 and reignites the summer rally. Mario Draghi has done it again with the announcement of continued low key interest rates and the ECB President sparked euphoria on Thursday. The German stock index has smashed through the top of the sideways range of recent weeks and the DAX […]

15-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

2018 June ECB Meeting
This afternoon, the ECB was in the limelight. The purchases continue at €30 billion until the end of September 2018. They will continue to provide liquidity ‘for an extended period of time’. Interest rates remain at 0%. How Does This ECB Decision Affect The Dax? It’s a pretty dovish stance from […]

2018 June ECB Meeting

13-06-2018 Dax Session Review
Yesterday there were lots of very interesting uses of ACR line sets. I really enjoyed seeing how reading the bar-by-bar price action gave us the clues we need to identify important zones where the price would react. Here is the video from the webinar this morning and some of the […]

Dax Session Review Video (Reading Price Action: 13-06-2018)

14-06-2018 Dax
The German stock market was expected to start weaker on Thursday morning after the US Federal Reserve’s interest rate decision. Banks and brokers expect the Dax to open down 0.3 percent lower. On Wednesday, the index gained very little and has formed a Doji on the daily chart. The prospect […]

14-06-2018 Dax Technical Analysis

13-06-2018 Dax Analysis
We are one day after the historic meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and there is no enthusiasm on the most important stock exchanges in Asia and Europe. Instead, investors are more likely to wait for news from major central banks. In the run-up […]

13-06-2018 Afternoon Update