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DAX Trading Results from the Signals and Strategy

July 2021 Signal Results (+39.28%)

July 2021 Signal Results (+39.28%)

That's more like it! And it's taken six months to finally post up a strong trading signals number. This year has not been easy and it's been a grind, especially after that massive crypto correction. I guess that's the whole point of keeping the emotions out of trading...

June 2021 Signal Results (-9.02%)

June 2021 Signal Results (-9.02%)

Difficult out there. The culprit this month was FTSE DTI for me. The regular daily signals were actually pretty good performers with DAX Signals performing the strongest and the DAX DTI was profitable too. FTSE DTI was horrendous and the returns this year are way...

May 2021 Signal Results (+15.77%)

May 2021 Signal Results (+15.77%)

After the terrible performance from the past couple of months, I wanted to see an improvements from the DAX DTI strategy, to avoid the difficult decisions of strategy modification (or even strategy termination) and I got that this month. The DAX DTI contributed +13.6%...

What is

This website started by providing daily DAX technical analysis content covering the German DAX 30 and other popular major indices. I started it as a blog to help keep me disciplined as a trader, which I now believe that I am! And from what I’ve learned, I can guarantee to you that gaining 10-years experience as a market analyst specialising in momentum trading gives you an incredible insight into trading the markets. In fact, I would say my trading is getting better with age, so if you’re coming here hoping to make it rick quickly, it’s not going to happen guys. You have to approach your trading like you would approach running a business. There are many moving parts to align in order to get the processes working smoothly for you. Trading signals could be one of those moving parts to add to your business.

DAX Trading Signals

I send out daily trading signals for the German DAX, FTSE and Forex. I also share my DAX trading strategy, which will help you generate your own trading signals and trade the way I do. The DAX trading signals normally arrive by 9am into the members-only channel on Telegram. Click below if you want to learn more about DAX signals.

DAX Trading Signals
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Forex Signals

I typically open around 7 forex trades a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less and I trade all the major and minor pairs.

I’m so confident with my forex trading that I don’t even need to advertise it, so here are the headline numbers: 125% return in 2019. Average 7 signals per day. I get a 2:1 reward to risk ratio on most trades.

DAX Trading Strategy

Want to learn to trade the DAX better? All you need to trade the DAX is a good strategy combined with a solid trading plan and consistent methods. Don’t let emotions ruin your profits. If you want to learn how to use the techniques that I use for trading, then spend some time as a member and you will learn it.

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Make Sure You Have Good Technical Analysis

If you are new to DAX analysis, or technical analysis in general, then some of the terminologies in the daily articles may not make a lot of sense. You may not be familiar with the technique or principles that I use, so please use the free technical analysis resources available on the site to help you learn how to trade the German DAX.