Chris Bailey

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About Chris Bailey

Find out a little more about the founder of

Professional Trader & Market Analyst
Oct 2014 – Current 

I studied Accounting & Finance at Bournemouth University and got a 2:1 in 2004. 

I worked in banking for 7 years before moving on to become a financial advisor. During these years I invested a lot of time and money on Udemy courses to develop my skills and knowledge and I taught myself how to read markets, how to code programs and how to trade.

ABOUT ME was formed as a result of a personal interest in the German stock market. 


I grew up in Germany, went to secondary school in Germany and enjoyed the volatility of the German Dax. The original idea of was to document my learning as I made the leap from working full-time to becoming a trader full-time. The website grew and so did the followers, but I continue to document. I am now a more disciplined trader as a result.

My Expertise

Continuous improvement. Kaizen. This is how to develop any skill.

I learnt that being a good technical analyst does not make you a good trader. Being a good trader does not mean you are a good technical analyst. 

Technical analysis provides the ability to read price action. The ability to read price action allows you to take advantage of the opportunites continually made available.

Technical Analysis – Financial markets90%
Identifying and acting on Trading Setups85%
Swing Trading Techniques83%
Discipline, organisation and self-control77%
Programming & Coding68%


Services I Can Help You With

Trading Strategy Design & Automation

Perhaps you want your strategy converted into an indicator or an automated trading system?


Maybe you need help converting your ideas into a strategy? Often all it takes is a fine tune.

Advanced Technical Analysis Education

I studied and gained the majority of my experience from the teachings of Market Geometry


Gaining an understanding of how to apply these techniques, will completely change your trading. 

Trading Coach and Private Consultations

Being a trader means working on your own. The biggest problem with this is not having to answer to anyone if you’re making mistakes. Sometimes having a coach look over your decisions to make sure you’re not blundering, saves a lot of money




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