About Me

How did I get into trading? I studied Accounting & Finance at Bournemouth University and got a 2:1 in 2004, but I never fell in love with accounting. I was constantly on the quest to find something that I really enjoyed doing. And cutting a long story short, I decided to make a living 'from the internet' and have never looked back since.

The most significant skill I took away from University was the mastery of 'looking something up'. It may sound simple but this skill means I can learn just about anything I need to learn, in order to complete a task. The art of effective googling to learn a new skill is liberating. Even now, as a developer/programmer, I am constantly looking up how to complete tasks or reference certain libraries or find snippets of code. I don't need to retain everything I learn, I just need to know how to find it quickly.

My Background

I worked in banking for 7 years before moving on to become a financial advisor; helping clients find solutions to protect their families and their income. During these years I invested a lot of time and money on Udemy courses to develop my skills and knowledge and I taught myself how to read markets, how to trade, how to build websites, how to code algorithms and programs and how to combine it all together to create this website and my services.

TheDaxTrader.co.uk was formed as a result of a personal interest I had in the German stock market. I grew up in Germany, went to secondary school in Germany and enjoyed the volatility of the German Dax.

The Website | TheDaxTrader.co.uk

The original idea of TheDaxTrader.co.uk was to document my learning as a trader, like a diary. This was because I made the leap from working full-time to becoming a trader full-time. The learning curve was steep and I struggled with the discipline required to be successful as a trader. So building the website helped me learn more about building websites using wordpress and learn more about programming.

As I released more and more content, the website grew, and so did the followers. The site now reaches an international audience of traders and ranks organically (on google) for 'Dax Analysis' and 'Dax Signals' which is a proud achievement considering I built the site myself and do not pay for advertising or marketing. Every day I would commit to writing an article about the market movements and technical analysis and I am now a much more disciplined trader as a result. And a much better programmer and developer.

I learnt that being a good technical analyst does not make you a good trader. Being a good trader does not mean you are a good technical analyst. Technical analysis provides the ability to read price action. The ability to read price action allows you to take advantage of the opportunites continually made available.