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Are These Futures or CFD?

These signals are based on CFD prices. 

Full members have access to the chat room and in there we do discuss futures price because in addition to CFD I also trade FDXM, ES and YM contracts.

However the regular signals are CFD trades only.

What Time Are The Signals Out?

Mostly in the morning, based on UK time (GMT).

The regular index signals are normally between 8-10am

The forex signals are normally between 7-11am

The intraday signals (forward testing) are between 8am-4pm

Are You Copy/Pasting The Details To Us?


This would mean a huge delay between my trade execution and the time you receive it. This would be a horrible method.

I have connected my trading platform to Telegram using an API. Therefore whenever I trade on that account, the information is passed directly to Telegram.

What's Your Success Rate?

Well, I run multiple strategies and the numbers vary between them. 

But if we were to combine everything together I average a win rate of 42% and an average reward:risk ratio of 2:1. This is a statistical edge.

That’s based on over 1000 trades.


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Monthly Pricing Table

FX Trading Signals

Majors, minors and exotics
£ 30
/ Month
  • Forex signals
  • Forex Telegram Channel

DAX & FTSE Signals

DAX, FTSE, EuroStoxx
£ 35
/ Month
  • DAX Signals
  • FTSE Signals
  • Index Telegram Channel
  • Strategy Software

Full Signals Package

Forex & Indices
£ 50
/ Month
  • DAX Signals
  • FTSE Signals
  • Forex Signals
  • Strategy Software
  • Member Telegram Channels

Trader Development

Invest in your development
£ 95
/ Month
  • Index Signals
  • Forex signals
  • All Telegram Channels
  • Live Webinars
  • Advanced Swing Trading Course
  • Learn To Program Your Own Strategy
  • Learn The Strategies
  • Strategy Assistance
  • Online Support