DaxTrader Pricing

Join today and get immediate access to the live trading signals channels. We send all our trading signals to Telegram messenger which is really easy to use and connects directly to your phone.

Monthly Subscriptions

These are recurring subscriptions that automatically renew – however you can cancel your membership whenever you want to. The lifetime memberships are simple, you get unlimited access which is much better value.

Lifetime Subscriptions

These are one-off payments to enable lifetime membership of the site and the resources. Overall this represents much better value for money.


Do You Provide Stoploss and Target?

Yes, that’s correct. All trades are sent directly from our trading account and all of our trades are opened using a stop loss and a target. So each time we open a new trade, you will receive that information immediately.

How Many Signals Do You Send A Day?

Typically we trade the DAX three times a day, the FTSE three times a day and forex around 8 times a day. So depending on which trading signals you subscribe to, you will receive those trading signals.

How Big Are Your Stop Losses?

For DAX a stoploss will range between 5-30 points in size. However the typical stop loss is perhaps 15-20 points. For FTSE it is a little less.

On forex, the stop losses are much wider, they are typically 50-60 pips for a stop loss.

Do you trade Futures or CFD?

We trade both CFD and futures. However the signals are based purely on CFD price action, because from our research the majority of retail traders looking for signals are trading CFD.

Forex is also CFD (spot).

Do You Have An Auto-copier?

No. The trades we make can not be automatically copied as a standard part of our service. You will manually need to open the trades. The reason for this is that you should responsible for the trading decisions on your own account. 

We have experimented with PAMM accounts in the past, which can duplicate the trades on your account, but we stopped this. We believe that there are strict regulations regarding providing investment services and managing other people’s money, which this type of activity is very close to. 

How Can I Copy Your DAX Strategy?

Once you are a subscriber, I recommend that you get a copy of Sierra charts running on your machine. Once you have this trading platform, I can install the software on your platform for you. I have a number of tutorials available to help you navigate around Sierra charts and use the strategy.

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