Dax Trading Strategy

Momentum-based trend following DAX trading strategy offering high probability trading signals for DAX and equity index markets. This excellent trading strategy is suitable for CFD and Futures traders.

The DAX trading strategy is available for free to DaxTrader members and available to trial for any users of Sierra Charts.

High Probability Trading Signals
Choose your directional bias. Wait for the candle to close. Trade in that direction with a stop loss.

How To Use The DAX Trading Strategy

Let me show you what all the candles and pieces of the strategy mean.

Our Strategy Features

  • Provides Buy & Sell signals
  • Suggests an initial Stop Loss
  • Warns you when prices are extended intra-day
  • Help with your exit and trade management
  • Works on all equity index markets
  • Combines perfectly with volume profile analysis
  • Thoroughly back-tested
  • Excellent results during forward-testing
0 %
Percentage return since November 2018 (Forward-testing)

Let me show you what all the candles and pieces of the strategy mean.

Access The DAX Trading Strategy

Become a Sierra Charts user (14-day trial available) and then you can see the same DAX trading strategy that I do. Come and get access the fantastic intraday strategy.

1 Install Sierra Charts

The intraday strategy works for Sierra Charts users. For a trial of the software, click the link below to get started.

2 Find You Username

Find your username under Help >> About on the menu in Sierra Chart. It starts with “Registered To”. Then send it to Chris via Telegram. 

3 Set Up Sierra Charts

Sierra Charts may be new to you, so we recommend that you watch this tutorial video to get your version set up.

Tutorials, Installation & Setup

Some useful videos to help your understand of the strategy

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Dax Intraday Signals

Week 51: Intra-day Trading Results (2018)

Hello traders.  These results come from the DaxTrader Intraday (DTI) Strategy. To find out more about this strategy, click here: https://thedaxtrader.co.uk/dax-trading-strategy/  Week 51 (17th – 21st)

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