Dax Trading Strategy

Become a Sierra Charts user (14-day trial available) and then you can see the same DAX trading strategy that I do. Come and get access the fantastic intraday strategy.

Install Sierra Charts

The intraday strategy works for Sierra Charts users. For a trial of the software, click the link above to get started.

Find Your Account Name 

Find your username under Help >> About on the menu in Sierra Chart. It starts with “Registered To”.

Send it to Chris

Chris needs the username to authorise your access.  Please send the username to him on Telegram Messenger

Use The Strategy

Once Chris confirms that you have been added, you will need to restart Sierra Charts and then you are ready to use it.

Come And Use The 

DaxTrader Intraday 

Trading Strategy

Get Access Now

Simply send Chris a few details below (must include your Sierra Charts username) and he can tell Sierra Charts to install it automatically to your profile. Easy.

How To Install

Step 1 – Install Study

Once you have completed the basics above, restarted Sierra Charts and logged back in, you can now open the study on to a chart. Open a chart of your choice. Click Analysis >> Studies


NOTE: Please use the regular Sierra Charts and not the 64-bit version 

Step 2 – Add Custom Study

Towards the bottom-left of the menu box, click on the option Add Custom Study. This will open up the various custom studies that you are authorised to use.

Step 3 – Install Study

Look for the ‘+’ sign next to DaxTrader_DTI.

Click the + sign to reveal DaxTrader Intraday study.

Select that study and click Add.

Step 4 – The Inputs

Now the DaxTrader Intraday study has been added, it is ready to go. 

Double click on the study (on the right-hand side it will appear in your Studies to Graph section).

Click the Settings and Inputs tab.


The study will work straight away, but you can change some of the settings and inputs here if you wish.

Step 5 – The Subgraphs 

You can skip this step.


The study will work straight away, you don’t need to change anything here, unless you want different colours or a different appearance of lines. 

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DAX Trading Strategy Top Tips

2-minute Time Frame

Chris uses this strategy on a 2-minute time-frame. However, you can try it on any time-frame you like.


This strategy is designed for indices. But you can use it for other markets if you want to. 

Wait For Candle To Close

If the candle closes and the arrow is still there, then it is a signal to trade in that direction.

Use Stop Losses!

If you don’t set a stop loss, then you are failing to use the strategy correctly. Set it behind the dots.

4:1 Is The Target

Once you have defined the stop loss, the target is easy to decide. It’s a straight 4:1 reward ratio.

Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

If your signal prints with yellow candles, then walk away. Do not trade the yellow candles.

Choose Your Sessions Wisely

Don’t just trade every signal. Choose your trading sessions carefully. This is a momentum strategy, so it will be most effective when you get momentum. We find mometum happens during ‘session overlaps’. This means the London open and the U.S. open. Trade around those times and ignore the rest of the signals.