Live Trading Signals

Our clients join us for many different reasons. Some are beginner traders looking to copy us and go on to do very well by developing our strategy for themselves. Some are experienced traders looking for confirmation of their own ideas and enjoy bouncing ideas around with us and creating systems together. Whatever the reason for joining, our clients enjoy the service and regularly continue their membership. Following our trades is only the beginning. If you are serious about developing into a funded money-manager, then consider our trader development program.

We Trade Our Signals

The Strategy Works

We believe that trading is a numbers game based on statistics and probability. We have extensively tested and analysed our strategy and know it has a statistical edge. So we trade it.

high reward trading signals

High Reward vs Risk

Our trading philosophy is very simple "cut the losers short and let the winners run". It's normally much easier to say this than to do it, but we are disciplined and understand that a stop loss is a cost of business.

The 1% Rule

We rarely risk more than 1% of our capital on any trade and by using this bankroll management technique, the strategy will scale with us as our account balance grows. We aim for 5-8% growth a month.

Dax Trading Signals

We Send Our Live Trades

Signals are sent directly to your phone or computer including a stop loss and profit target

  • Signals come directly from live trades
  • Reward to risk of 4:1 on index trades
  • Fully tested strategy
  • Fast delivery with minimal latency
  • 3-5 index signals per day.
  • 6-8 forex signals per day.


Subscribe today to one of our 3, 6 or 12-month packages and get a significant discount from the usual rate. Alternatively, you can pay monthly using PayPal or secure card payment (recurring subscription).


Our Signal Results

Click one of the images below to see the signal results. There is a handy guide under the images to explain some of the information contained in these pages:


This is the current growth for the period (normally a month)


This is the current number of pips/points won for the period (normally a month)


This is the win rate of wins vs losses for the period (normally a month)


The is the spreadsheet trade number, for reference purposes


This is the automatic trade ID issued by the broker for my index trades


This is the date of the trade opening


This is the time of the trade opening


This is the market which I traded (GER30 = DAX || UK100 = FTSE)


L = Long || S = Short


This was the entry price of the trade/order


This was the original stop loss (SL)


This was the original take profit target (TP)


This is the amount of risk I took for the trade


This is the closing price or the reason for closing (sl = Stop Loss || tp = Take Profit || be = Break Even)


This is the amount of gain/loss added to or taken from the trading account

Our Signal Technology

Our signal technology is a platform which connects our trading accounts directly to telegram messenger. This platform transmits the trading information to you in real time, with zero delay. As soon as we open and close a trade, you get the information. We do not manually copy and paste the details. So although our clients are number one and we thank you for supporting us over the years, we would also like to thank the creators of the systems we use to deliver the signals to you: