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High quality live DAX trading alerts with excellent reward to risk and probability. Our forex signals are also highly successful.

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DAX Trading Signals

Live DAX trading alerts with stop loss and take profit levels!
High reward to risk ratio trades taken from our excellent DAX trading strategy!

Real money DAX Trades

We trade the DAX using a live CFD account and share the signals from those trades in real time.

4:1 Reward on DAX Signals

We understand statistics and our DAx strategy has an edge. Our signals offer 4:1 reward to risk.

Fast DAX Signals

Our DAX account is connected directly to Telegram messenger. Whenever we trade, the details are sent instantly to you.

Forex Trading Signals

We send signals for all major forex currencies and the minors as well!
On average we send 7 forex signals a day!

Active Forex Traders

We are active in the markets and send many signals everyday.

High Performance Forex Signals

Our forex signal results are excellent and consistent most weeks.

High Probability FX Signals

Our excellent technical analysis helps us identify high probability opportunities.

Forex Risk Management

We never risk more than 1% on any trade and we recommend the same to you.

2:1 forex signals 2 to 1

The Signal Disclaimer

Trading financial markets is risky involving the risk of losing your invested money!
We do not and can not provide financial advice. All information provided by this site is for education purposes.
Please ensure you read and understand the website terms and conditions before proceeding with a signals membership
Come and give us a try and see how we do.


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  • High probability signals
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  • Learn the DAX strategy

All Signals

  • DAX and Forex signals
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  • High quality signals

DAX and Forex Signal Promotion

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