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Thank you for your interest in booking time with Chris. Here are some of the examples of how he may help you.


Chris has 12 years experience as a mentor and teacher (separate to trading) and now combines this with his extensive expertise in trading indices and forex. He uses this to help clients improve their own performance, identify their leaks and recommend ways to maximise effective decision making.


Chris helps clients get the most out of their trading platform but offering recommendations and upgrades to existing strategies, trading platforms and coding. If you can build your strategy into your trading platform, you can reduce the time required to make a decision.


Learn more about the DaxTrader strategies and We offer one-to-one mentoring to help and advise you on how to gain a solid grounding in money management, review past trades and good mental training, all of which are applied easily and effective in a live trading environment.

Many Many More

Whatever you need, if Chris can help then he would be willing.


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