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Is DAX Heading For ACR Target?

The ACR target that I am talking about it 13,166-13,191. This price zone may not seem very significant, but when we consider the lack of pullback recently, it is an interesting one to observe. Of course, as with any technical analysis technique, sometimes the markets...

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DAX Waves Good-Bye To 13,000

Strong price action yesterday on the German DAX index with a clean break above 13,000. The break held and continued to new highs on strong momentum. On the market profile chart below; we see that the initial balance formed above the previous day's high. This is a...

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Dax Technical Analysis Week 39

Friday 27th SeptemberToday we found the short-term price action turning bullish again after yesterday's break through the previous days high. Today we have already broken yesterday's high. If we look left we can see that this 350 zone was a previous value area from...

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Why German DAX Analysis?

I have been watching the German DAX index every day since February 2014, when I quit my job to become a full-time trader. During my quest to become a professional market analyst and trader I learnt as much about Technical Analysis as I could. The DAX is my favourite equity index to trade because it responds well to technical analysis tools such as market profile, swing analysis, volume profile, RSI divergence and various other technical indicators.

Effective DAX Analysis Techniques

The most effective technique to improve your own DAX analysis is to always keep the DAX index price action at the front of your analysis. Always understand how the market moves, and what the most recent trend-defining level is. I know this analysis sounds simple, but it’s the most overlooked technique by traders and market analysts. There is a common mistake to try to be too advanced sometimes, and this causes us to miss the obvious. dax analysis

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