Trader Development Program

Learn the path from amateur to professional trader and kickstart your trading business.


What you’ll learn:

  • Practical advanced technical analysis techniques to use
  • Professional processes to introduce to your routine
  • Learn our strategies and strategy creation techniques
  • Learn programming and automated trading
  • Support to get to a level of managing your own trading fund

dax signal rating

I am a happy customer and pleased with the service – in particular, the expertise and patience to respond to queries. Chris is working hard every day to provide all members with the best service he can. Not only sending signals, showing potential trades but what is most important to me sharing his knowledge. He recently uploaded a lot of new courses, hope I find the time to take them all. And he is a great person, always kind and positive. I highly appreciate and recommend the service.

Gosia Wierzbicka is a website that provides a host of trading features, daily webinars, training library a back catalogue of articles and a community for like-minded individuals who wish to enhance their trading knowledge and education. Chris Bailey who runs the website is a very helpful individual who will provide personnel assistance if required and his webinars take you through the thought processes and analysis to assess a trade and associated risks. I like this nuts and bolts approach to determine when and why you should trade or walk away. Chris also provides suggested trades when appropriate. Very pleased customer. Good site, good service,

David Knight

I have to say that Chris is a very hard-working, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly chap. It is not just a “here are some trades, get on with it” service… There is a full range of helpful features, a training library, webinars, personal assistance to name but a few. He provides the means to better yourself as a trader and interact with like-minded people. There are also suggested trades with the rationale behind each offering to assist you with formulating your own strategy. Top man. top service.

Malcom Davies

I’ve found Chris to be very engaging and professional during these first three months I’ve been with Daxtrader. As I’m very much in the learning stage of my trading career, I’m looking forward to absorbing the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the future.

Craig Southway

Advanced Technical Analysis

Market structure, volume profiles, swing analysis, action-reaction, median lines, balance points, TPO, market profiles, sierra chart tutorials and more

Grow Your Business

Learn proper charting, get your trading plan firmed up, get a VPN, start using good charting platform, understand the importance of statistics, get funded


Use me as a resource to improve your own processes whilst trading. I trade full time and can share my experience with you.


Not as complex as it sounds. Learn how to get your strategy automated and generating signals for you and join the automated world.


I can install the trading strategy and my chartbooks on to your Sierra charts and ensure that you are able to use it for your own trading.


You get access to DAX signals and the forex signals channel as a full member, so you can choose which signals you wish to take or ignore.


As you are learning the techniques, it’s good to get a sense check as to whether your technical understanding can generate trading ideas 


The goal is to get you to a stage where you can manage a fund and I have experience helping people get to that level.



Your Win Rate is Only 40%, Why Would I Subscribe To That?

Please be careful not to fall into the winrate fallacy trap. A high win rate of 90% does not mean that a strategy will be successful, a low win rate of 10% does not mean that a strategy is poor. The reason is, it comes down to the average reward to win ratio.

You must understand the statistics of reward to risk ratios vs win rates to know if your trading strategy has a statistical edge, and ours does. I use a 4:1 reward to risk ratio and therefore my minimum requirement is a 20% win rate.

Let me explain further:

Let’s imagine you are trading the DAX with a 25 point stop loss and you want to get 100 points profit with a ‘set-and-forget’ strategy. You will either win 100 points, or lose 25 points. Your reward to risk ratio is 4:1. Now image you took 100 trades and of those trades you won 23 of them. That would be a 23% win rate. Is that a profitable strategy?

Your first answer might be no, right? Because 23% sounds very low. But that’s not the case:

23 trades x 100 points = 2300 points profit

77 trades x 25 points = 1925 points lost

Result: 375 points profit (ignoring spreads and commissions)

The point that I am trying to make here, is that win rate is connected to reward to risk. And I use a 4:1 reward to risk strategy. This means I only need to win 1 out of 5 trades to break even – that means I only need a 20% win rate to break even, but I have been trading nearer to 40%.

So that’s why people subscribe to this strategy (or the signals).

How Many Signals Do You Send Per Day?

Typically 4-5 signals between DAX and FTSE per day, depending on the market conditions.

The trading strategy we use will certainly provide you with more signals than we personally trade. Perhaps you would also benefit from using the trading strategy as well, because you could choose to take additional trades from it.

How Do I Receive The DAX Trading Signals?

Once you have a subscription, you will be able to access our trading signals channel(s) on Telegram. If you need access to those, please send us a message here

Can I Get Forex Signals As Well?

Yes, you can find more details on the forex signals page.

Do You Accept Skrill?

At the moment, no.

We accept cryptocurrency, card payment and PayPal.

The website has an up to date secure SSL certificate (https – green padlock) so the site is safe and you can process a transaction with peace of mind.

Do You Also Teach How I Can Learn to Trade Dax Profitably?

I do offer private coaching for a limited number of students and during these sessions we cover specific techniques, tools and strategies that will definitely help to improve your trading. We set you actions to work on during the week and follow those up at the beginning of every session, the plan is to see continual progress and work on the leaks you have in your trading. Typically these are hourly sessions, once per week, on an evening (UK time) and are designed to help traders with at least an intermediate level of knowledge, skill and experience.

Alternatively, I do also share my DAX trading strategy with signals subscribers (specifically those subscribers with access to the Sierra Charts platform).

Do You Have An Auto-Copier?

We do not have any auto-copy software available.

Auto-copying our trades would require a connection similar to how ‘PAMM accounts’ run and unfortunately, in the UK, PAMM accounts comes very close to ‘fund management’ which I am not regulated to do.

I have built an expert advisor for the strategy, but I do not sell that software, sorry.

Do You Connect To MyFXBook?

I do not have any connection to either a myfxbook or account to share my trading history. The reason for this is that I use multiple accounts with multiple brokers, depending on the spreads and commissions.

You can see history of my previous signals and I have also posted articles since 2014 which often talk about my trades and signals.

How Do I Cancel?

You can either cancel the payment directly (with PayPal or when you’re logged in to your account here), or you can contact me on telegram or by email.

Please just be aware that in trading one bad week may happen, sometimes a bad month happens, sometimes a bad six months can happen, but over time we recover, we always do.


Trading financial markets is risky involving the risk of losing your invested money! 
We do not and can not provide financial advice. All information provided by this site is for education purposes. 
Please ensure you read and understand the website terms and conditions before proceeding with a signals membership 
Come and give us a try and see how we do.


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Learn the path from amateur to professional trader and kickstart your trading business.