DAX Trading Strategy
Learn To Trade The DAX

Our momentum-based trend following strategy is designed for day trading the German DAX and other index futures. It offers excellent risk controls and high probability trading setups.


DAX Strategy

Here is a quick start list of the components you need to get started trading with our German DAX trading strategy.
Please be aware that a subscription to Sierra charts is required.

DAX Trend Filter

When trading the DAX it pays to have a strong trend filter and trade in the direction of the market. Our DAX trading strategy has this.

How to use VWAP

Our DAX trading strategy uses Volume Weighted Average Price and two standard deviations either side for some of its calculations.

Optimal DAX Stop Loss

Using this tool in our German DAX strategy allows us to answer the question: "where should I place my stop loss?"

The Best DAX Charting Platform

Any DAX trader should have a quality trading platform. Our trading strategy is written on Sierra charts, one of the best!

Reliable DAX Setups

You can use this strategy to trade the DAX all day, or just for a short period of time.

DAX Day Trading Strategy

This trading strategy is designed for day trading the German DAX and other equity index markets.

DAX Strategy Features

How to beat the DAX.
Get the best DAX entries and setups.

Trade With The Trend

The trend filter will help you identify the bias of the market.

Avoid The Market Traps

The market responds to VWAP and its deviation highs and lows.

Don't Trade Every Setup

To be a successful DAX trader, you should learn to pick your moments.

Manage Your Trades

The dynamic stop loss guide will help you decide how to manage a trade.

Colour-coded candles

Learn how to understand the price action phases to execute trades correctly.

Keep Your Risk Down

Day trading allows us to keep our risk contained and reduce the stress of holding positions.

Our DAX Strategy

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Our DAX Setups

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