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Software designed to send trade information from MetaTrader 4 directly to a Telegram channel immediately. Full source code is not available with this version. Please refer to this video below to install the software.

This is the Compiled Version

This is the full version of the software, however it does not include the mql source code. If you’re not sure what mql source code is, then this is definitely the correct version to buy. This version is ideal for regular traders, or a smaller-sized signal provider just looking to send signals to their channel. Please read the full description for more details between the compiled and uncompiled version.

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Become a signal provider with this excellent software which allows you to directly connect a trading account to Telegram messenger and send trading signals to your subscribers using the details from the trades you or your expert advisor makes. It's a perfect situation. This software will cut out the middle man; copyingyour trading details after you place a trade and then pasting them into your channel is boring. It's hassle, it takes time and this means your subscribers have to wait too long for the trade details. By the time they receive the signal, the market has already moved.

How Can I Send Trades To Telegram Messenger Automatically?

This answer: With this software!

This is the compiled version of the software which means you won't be able to access and change the source code but you can still send trades to telegram with your opening price, stop loss and profit target details. The information will be fired across to your telegram channel in real-time, with minimal delay. It's lightning fast. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

This software is designed to send trade information from MetaTrader 4 directly to a Telegram channel immediately. Full source code is not available with this version. Please refer to this video to install the software:

Compiled vs Uncompiled

The compiled version of the software and uncompiled versions are identical with all features available to you as a user, except for one major difference. The compiled version does not include the source code, but the uncompiled version does.

If you are simply a trader or a signal provider and are happy with the standard setup of the software and you just want this software to send the trade information to your channel then you probably do not need the source code and you can go ahead with the uncompiled version.

If you are a programmer and want to be able to change the functions of the program, or if you want to use a developer to customise the type of information that is sent from the program then you probably need the uncompiled version of the program because it will include the full source code allowing you to make your own version of the software.

Can I Upgrade from One To The Other?

Yes. If you purchase the compiled version first but then decide to go ahead and purchase the full, uncompiled version, then I will provide you with a £49 discount code so you can purchase the full version.


5 reviews for Send MetaTrader 4 Trades to Telegram

  1. James Stevens

    Thanks for this, works good. I use it on three different platforms and they run fine.

  2. Vlad Chernov (verified owner)

    Yes works for me. Video explain me setup nice and I have working now.

  3. Tom Johnstone (verified owner)

    Great job, works with my EA. I might come back and buy the source code another time.

  4. Philip Lanrose (verified owner)

    Thanks Chris, worked as expected. Seems to work with Crypto too.

  5. Leslie Grahams (verified owner)

    Installed it, got it up and running and signals are working.

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