For more detailed analysis, view the video at the bottom of the article and join the webinars in the morning. Today’s DAX analysis article leads out with a pitchfork on the 60-minute chart below. The pitchfork is an up-sloper which includes the 50% quartile (dashed) lines. During the overnight session, we can see the market break above the median line. So if 199 now holds, it would be good to see a move up towards the upper median line parallel of the pitchfork.

The A point is the 13th November low. The B point is the 19th November high and the C point is the 21st November low. Remember to draw the forks from alternating pivots (high low high or low high low).

We also have the start of a bullish trend in play which began at the C point of the fork. The trends can be seen by mapping out the higher highs and higher those with the blue swing markets. If 200 breaks then watch for the lower quartile dashed line to act as support.

26-11-2019 60-minute DAX analysis

26-11-2019 DAX Daily Chart Analysis

On the daily chart I am watching the EMAs for warning signs. In trading, one of the most common combinations of moving averages is the crossing of the 50EMA and 200EMA. It’s called the death cross. But for me I prefer watching the 5EMA and the 8EMA as well as the 50 and 200.

For a bullish market, I like to make sure 5 is above 8, 8 is above the 50 and the 50 is above the 200.

Right now, that is the case. In the webinar this morning I asked whether or not we would likely see any kind of Santer rally in December. We have already had a very bullish Q3, so perhaps upside is limited. However, if we do get sustained momentum, it would play nicely into our aspirational target of 13800.

26-11-2019 DAX Analysis daily chart

26-11-2019 DAX Key Levels

Point of Control13217
Value Area High13235
Value Area Low13207
26-11-2019 Key Levels
26-11-2019 Market Profile

26-11-2019 DAX Webinar

Thanks to those of you that joined this morning and contributed in the chat. Just remember that tomorrow morning there will be no webinar. Here is a replay of the session:

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DAX Trading Signals

The DAX trading strategy offered a number of sell signals yesterday. Although the market was not ideal for momentum trading. Therefore the DAX signal channel was quiet with little activity and little to report on. On days like that, it’s good to look at other markets as well. And the forex signal channel was busier with 6 signals. Be sure to have a look at the trading history pages too.

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