DAX Retracement Levels After All-Time High

Tuesday, Feb 09 and covering the rest of the week
DAX retracement levels after all time high

These posts are designed to keep a record of both the daily signals that I send and also the trading strategy executions using my DTI software on trading view, available to premium members.

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Thursday Feb 11, 2021

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Wednesday Feb 10, 2021

Ouch! Four stops from the daily signals today.

On the DTI trading strategy, the first signal was ignored because of the yellow candles and failure to retrace back to vwap. The second signal was a sell, but it was fortunate, because the very next candle was yellow. However this trade smashed the target!
On FTSE the price action was more choppy. The first signal was ignored, yellow candle with no vwap retracement, the next two signals (one either side of midday) both hit their stop loss. So DAX made the money today.

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Tuesday Feb 09, 2021

Only a 60 point retracement today and the DAX is currently trading at the 23.6% retracement from the two recent swings ([3] [4] on the chart above). Let’s see if we get a deeper pullback tomorrow or whether 14k manages to hold.

The FTSE trading signal this morning held on from a threatening position and was closed at 8pm this evening for a +0.75% profit. The DTI strategy was poor today, I have two DAX trades and two FTSE trades, all of which were stopped. Let’s move on.

DAX Trading Signals Update Feb 09 2021

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Monday Feb 08, 2021

For the DAX analysis this week, let’s plot the next DAX retracement levels after all-time high as when we have another correction pullback, those levels will likely be found. I’ll take a simple fib from the [3] [4] swings and look for confluence with the downsloping high-to-high trend line. When price reach that zone, I’ll be interested to see a bounce.

I took one trade from the DAX signals and one trade from the FTSE signals this morning. The DAX hit stop loss and the FTSE was closed at breakeven. The DTI trading strategy provided me with just the one signal, on the DAX, late into the session, and it closed at breakeven.

DAX Trading Signals Update Feb 08 2021

Feb-08-2021-Daily Signals

DAX Trading Strategy Update Feb 08 2021

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Thursday Feb 04, 2021


The German DAX closed at a record high on the Cash market, but the futures and derivates are still lagging behind a little. So is that the next move? It seems so based on the short-term moment we’ve had since the [3] pivot. Take a look at the update below of the thumbnail from the top. That shaded area I drew around 13,900 has pretty much acted as a swap zone. We’ve broken above the upsloper and kissed it goodbye and now currently trading above 14k (at the time of writing).

Euphoria continues to pump the markets through resistance and we have probably now get a brand new all-time high on the DAX.

german dax hits new all time high

The morning’s DAX & FTSE trading signals were all taken; both shorts filled (DAX and FTSE) and they were both stopped out for -1% each and then both longs were filled, but the trades ran until 8pm so I closed them out. DAX gained +1.15% and FTSE gained +1.01%, so I pretty much broke even on those.

As for the trading strategy, there was nothing to report, I literally took zero trades from it today. There are lots of functions and criterion in the indicator/strategy to filters out signals in specific trading conditions. Trading inside an intraday consolidation range is one of those filters, so the DAX yielded no signals until the afternoon. By the time that signal came, the market had already broken out and the candles were yellow.. No bueno. FTSE’s price action was very different. All trades were ignored for being yellow without a vwap retracement. 

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Wednesday Feb 03, 2021

I am growing concerned with the stock markets at the moment, especially when I try to forecast another 6-12 months down the line. I currently see euphoric levels of speculation on the stonks, into industries that are performing TERRIBLY too – thanks to the pandemic restrictions. But their stock prices are going to the moon. This can only be speculative price action based on stimulus expectations, there is huge expectation that stimulus will cascade into failing industries. I won’t go into too much detail.

So we have a huge case of buy the rumour sell the news bubbling under the surface.

I’m a very strong believer that stimulus is actually paving the way for the complete ruin of the fiat monetary system, but it’s currently masking the real issue by presenting strength to the average Joe Bloggs of the general public: ‘everything is fine, there’s no problem here’ – when in actual fact there is an incredible wealth transfer happening behind the scenes and those not involved will foot the bill of the fallout.

As a tip, study the velocity of money and how this is a key driver for inflation. Once that starts picking up, it’s time to simplify down to an end game scenario.

Anyway… stepping down off my soapbox… here’s what I did yesterday

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DAX Trading Strategy Update Feb 03 2021

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Tuesday Feb 02, 2021

The DAX has rallied over 5% since the end of Jan; over 700 points, challenging 14k once more – a level we’ve only reach once before. If you scroll out and take a look at the price from the beginning of January to now, can you see how price action is forming a descending broadening wedge? The lower lows are expanding further than the highs, this could be bullish for the DAX.

Four stops yesterday. Two came from the 9am trading daily signals of which one was the DAX and one for FTSE. Whereas on the DTI trading strategy I did not have too many opportunities to trade. Most of the DAX signals were ignored with the afternoon trade running until 8pm, which I closed early at +1.9%. I hit two stops on FTSE and that’s my limit there.
So a poor day, but not a disaster.

DAX Trading Signals Update Feb 02 2021


DAX Trading Strategy Update Feb 02 2021

Feb-02-2021-DTI Trading Strategy

Monday Feb 01, 2021

So the DAX Targets 13,900 after reaching downside measured moved. I’ve taken a line from the [1] [2] swing and connected a parallel of that line to the downside break of the upsloping trend line to demonstrate the measured move.

I hit a nice target for a +4% gain from the FTSE trading strategy. But I had four stop losses across the day to leave me pretty much even. Sadge.

DAX Trading Signals Update Feb 01 2021


DAX Trading Strategy Update Feb 01 2021

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