Most traders are looking for ways to make better DeFi investment decisions. As we step into the digital age of finance, we can’t help but acknowledge how crucial it is to be well-armed with the right tools and information. That’s where Moralis Money comes into play.

Why Moralis Money for DeFi?

Moralis Money, at its core, is an institutional-grade tool that’s crafted for retail traders like you and me. Traditionally, tools of this caliber have been exclusive to big institutional players. But Moralis Money is here to level the playing field, making these high-powered tools accessible to everyone. It’s not just about making things easy, but also about providing an edge to retail traders in the highly competitive DeFi space. It’s DeFi for Retail Traders.

DeFi Retail Traders in the Spotlight

The beauty of Moralis Money is how it focuses on consumer protection and equipping retail traders to make informed decisions. It’s no secret that navigating the crypto landscape can feel like sailing turbulent seas, especially if you’re relatively new. Moralis Money helps you navigate with ease, offering you insights usually reserved for Wall Street traders, offering the solution to making better DeFi Investment Decisions.

DeFi Data Transparency

Now, transparency is a word we hear often, but Moralis Money truly takes it to another level. It provides clear, easy-to-understand insights about your transactions, potential investments, and the overall state of the market. This transparency is crucial as it empowers you to make well-informed investment decisions, helping you understand the risks and potential rewards.

Protect Your Assets With Fundamental Research

One crucial aspect we can’t overlook when talking about DeFi and crypto is security. Moralis Money ensures that your digital assets are ‘safu’ or safe. With the highest security standards and blockchain technology, it’s committed to securing transactions and safeguarding your data. After all, a secure trading environment is vital for both peace of mind and successful trading.

Explore Hidden Gems & High Potential Tokens

Moralis Money isn’t just about trading cryptocurrencies. It’s also about creating opportunities and exploring the vast landscape of DeFi. From liquidity provision to yield farming, Moralis Money unlocks multiple avenues for you to earn from your crypto investments.

And here’s the best part – Moralis Money is always evolving, continually integrating with a variety of DeFi protocols and chains. This means more choices and more opportunities for you to diversify and maximize your portfolio.

My Recommendation for Using Moralis Money

Here’s the 12-step guide to better DeFi Investment Decisions:

  1. Go and create a free account with Moralis Money
  2. You will have the option to choose from pre-made filter (at the time of writing). Choose “Coins With Surging Liquidity”
  3. Add another filter. Select the metric ‘Security Score’ and choose greater than 95. Select Dext Score and run query.
  4. Take a look through the token list
  5. Find something amazing
  6. Rinse and repeat
  7. Retire at 40
  8. Take a holiday
  9. Pour yourself a Gin & Tonic
  10. Congratulate yourself for levelling up your investment XP
  11. Come back here and say “Chris, you rule, have some Pepe coins!”
  12. Remember step 11, that’s probably the most important. Crucial step. Everything else could fail if you miss step 11


Moralis Money is more than just a DeFi platform; it’s a game-changer in the world of retail trading. With a focus on empowering traders, providing transparency, and ensuring security, Moralis Money offers a comprehensive trading experience to users at all levels. So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a newcomer, Moralis Money provides the tools and resources you need to navigate the thrilling world of DeFi with confidence.

Remember, friends, knowledge is power, especially in the world of DeFi. So let’s grab that power with Moralis Money and step confidently into the future of finance!

Disclaimer: Trading cryptocurrencies carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. Always do your due diligence and understand your risk tolerance before jumping into any trading decisions.

DeFi for Retail Traders