Yesterday provided yet another higher high on the daily chart, which defied belief considering how the day started. Today we have a similar question to ask: how much longer can this rally continue? Today is telling a different story. The price action today is trading to the downside and the charts for many indices are showing the ‘sell mode’ marker. So in the video today we take a look at some retracement targets.

POC :  11532.5
VAH :  11556.5
VAL :  11471.0
VWAP :  11501.5
R2 :  11639.2
S2 :  11370.6
Pivot :  11504.9
High : 11557.2
Low : 11422.9

Dax Charts

Dax Trading Signals

These signals come from the trading strategy that I share with members. So even if I can not trade them personally, at least you can.