Good morning traders, welcome to this morning’s DAX technical analysis article. I’d like to share the DAX market profile breaking the previous value-area-low and range-extension-low after failing to tag the point-of-control, there is also a DAX Single Print Selling Tail. I’d also like to share the 60-minute DAX chart showing the current DAX trend and some high-volume-node key levels to watch. Finally, notice the DAX trading strategy chart which shows price ‘playing the bands’ bouncing between the deviation-high and vwap as well as the deviation-low and vwap.

Rather than type it all out, I held a webinar this morning instead, so please watch the video for the background analysis.

DAX Technical Analysis Video

DAX Market Profile

DAX market profile broke the VAL and range extension low after failing to tag the POC

60-minute DAX chart

dax trend darvas hvn

10-minute DAX Chart

DAX Trading Strategy

DAX Key Levels

Point of Control12647
Value Area High12668
Value Area Low12626